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Wed, August 15, 2018

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Theft at the
Startup gym
A Sky Valley caper

September 30, 2016

The old Startup gym. Photos: Sky Valley Arts Council. CLICK TO ENLARGE
This report was first published Sept. 29 in the Breaking News column

Chronicle staff

(STARTUP, WA.) -- The big problem in this country these days is that miscreants of all shapes and sizes are running around stealing everybody else's stuff.

Not only is it irritating, rude and uncalled for but the boostee (the person who got their stuff boosted) has to go out and spend a lot money in many cases for replacement stuff, which the miscreant also may come back to steal within 90 days.

Happens all the time. There oughta be a law. Well, there is but therein lies the problem: criminals do not obey the law.

Evidently they don't care what is written in the good book about thou shalt not steal. This thievery plague may be the central problem and defining issue of our time.

Not terrorism, not erectile dysfunction (although we could see where some 70-year old guy all liquored up on a Friday night at closing time at Bubba's Roadhouse might disagree) not the Wells Fargo fake account rip-off scam, but just out of control thievery of other people's stuff.

Unless you come home some day to find your back door kicked in and all your good stuff gone (stuff you paid a lot money for) you do not have a clue about what an egregious crime theft of property is.

Which brings us to the Startup gym caper.

The gym rip-off: a lot went out the door

Local community volunteers, spearheaded by the Sky Valley Arts council are involved in a big effort to restore the old Startup Gym and turn it into a community center.

The gymnasium was built in 1937, the very same year that world famous aviatrix and international celebrity Amelia Earhart vanished over the Pacific Ocean during a circumnavigation flight.

It's a very worthwhile community project. So what does some yam head (or yam heads) go and do?

They go in and clean the place out of all the good, expensive tools and other things that volunteers were using to renovate the gym.

The discovery

"We discovered the theft on the 23rd (of Sept.) when the volunteers showed up to begin work. Their chop saw was gone. They called me to find out if I let someone borrow it. No. So I left my office to go see what happened and saw that the sound system and most all of the other tools were gone too," said Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce President Debbie Copple.

Copple says the theft (of a LOT of stuff) was not a forced entry situation and that leaves three options.

1. Someone came in while the siding crew was working and propped an unused door open a little so they could come back later.

2. Or they watched the crew and snuck things out while they were there busy on the exterior wall.

3. Or it was someone with a key.

She also pointed out that this renovation project is being done entirely by volunteers with donated materials, which is the same way it was done back in the 1930's.

"The skills of the people working on this are amazing! As well as their kind natures. It never occurred to us that someone would take our tools," added Copple.

Important: keep an eye out for this stolen stuff

So, now we come to the really important part. Please keep an out for the stolen items shown below. Both on places like Craigslist, eBay and other similar online sites and at garage sales in the area you might attend.

And if you see an item you think was stolen in the gym heist, call 9-1-1 or contact officer Ron Doersch Snohomish County Sheriff's office (email: rdoersch@snoco.org ) and mention Case # 2016-149796.

Trey Shelton 425-941-5001: 2-- 22 ˝ ton Bottle Jacks “Jet” Brand

Richard Cross 425-231-4763: Hitachi 10” Meter Saw (chop saw) Purchased a replacement for the saw he bought in March 2016

Kevin Naslund 206-669-0920: Red Porter Cable ‘pancake style’ compressor, Bostich N63CP Dual Collation 2 ˝” Coil Nail Gun, Air hose, Red, silver and black Porter Cable screw gun and charger.

Brian Copple 425-238-0569: The WorX WG 175 model yard trimmer

Steve Yarbrough 360-850-3603: 2—Bright yellow Electrical Distribution boxes (Spiders)

Sky Valley Arts Council 425-238-2651:
Behringer 18 channel mixer
SKB Pop Up Case
Uplighting Bases (wooden blocks)
Gator 10x2 case
Chartbuster E1 Karaoke Set
Misc Karaoke CDG discs
Uplighting Gels, bulbs and misc supplies for par can lights
Bag for uplighting bases
Bag for uplighting supplies

Story tags: theft at Startup gym, Snohomish County crime, Sky Valley Arts council



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