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Mon, August 20, 2018

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December 08, 2013

Artist rendition of Gold Bar's arguably most notorious character Anne K. Block. Is she trying to throw a Hail Mary pass? CLICK TO ENLARGE
Update: since this story was published the Washington State Supreme Court disbarred attorney Anne Block of Gold Bar, WA. effective July 15, 2016. Find that story here .

Chronicle News & Opinion
Editor's Note: this story, sans the update noted in this article, originally ran 12/7/13 in the Gold Bar section of the front page

Update 7/10/14: Since this editorial was written, it has been revealed that the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) has for some time now been conducting an investigation into allegations of serious misconduct against Anne K. Block of Gold Bar, described by some in the community as a psychopath or alternately a sociopath - among other unflattering names - according to interviews the Chronicle has done with people in the community and some of her alleged victims of alleged cyber stalking by Block.

Block has since had her license to practice law in this state suspended for lack of payment of fees and certain educational requirements mandated for all members of the bar that she did not complete, according to the WSBA. However, Block still remains a member of the bar and the probe into her actions continues.

In this state, a lawyer cannot escape, or derail a probe by the bar into misconduct by attempting to resign from the bar or have their license suspended for non-payment of fees.

At this writing, the WSBA has set a public hearing on Block's interesting activities for July 21, 2014 in Seattle.

Read more on that story
here and HERE .

Some tongues are wagging in the upper Sky Valley about alleged Cyber Stalker Anne K. Block's status with the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA).

Block, a self-described proud Atheist-liberal who was unemployed at last check and lives in a tiny house in Gold Bar, is currently a WSBA member but for how long - and under what circumstances she might exit the WSBA - is open to debate.

The first hint that there might be trouble brewing in Block's small and strange world, at least as it relates to her law license in this state, came this past Thursday at 9:36 am.

On Friday a Sky Valley Chronicle reader alerted this publication to two odd (even for Block) Internet posts that day.

Block, or someone posting as her on an ugly, hate-talk filled and often foul-mouthed account she owns and/or controls wrote at 9:36 am:

"Law firm of Kenyon Disend calls in favor from WSB member to shut down Gold Bar Reporters."

Then an hour later this: "Gold Bar reporter Anne Block resigns from WSBA in favor of news reporting..."

What? Someone calling in a "favor" at the WSBA to get Block kicked out of the bar association and Block speaking of voluntarily giving up the one ticket (a law license) she believes provides her tattered, soiled reputation at least some measure of cachet in the community and a hint of respectability?

All to be a "reporter" for no pay at a non-news nothing (not close to a legit news operation) that virtually no one reads and that brings in no money?

There appears to be more to this bird than meets the eye.

Unraveling layers of an onion

Some clarification may be in order for newbies here.

Block, or someone writing as her, loves to refer to herself as "reporter" or "reporters" but the grossly untruthful, vicious, profanity laced, misspelled (and often weird and disjointed-in-thought) accusations, sans any documentation or sourcing to prove validity, that are posted on Internet accounts this Block woman controls are nothing that remotely resemble legitimate reporting.

If Block is a reporter then you can be sure Ted Bundy was just a misunderstood, sweet-natured college boy who simply wanted a quiet dinner date with all those dead and missing coeds.

No, some people think Block is desperately trying to throw a "Hail Mary pass" to make herself look good (one of her grand preoccupations) and to create positive "spin" on some potentially ugly news headed her way from the WSBA.

A freight train coming?

That "ugly news" might be a freight train of WSBA trouble rolling on a fast track to some sort of bad ending for Block -- an ending that maybe sees her license to practice law in this state revoked over (perhaps) her interesting Internet "activities" over the past half dozen years and/or perhaps things no one yet knows anything about.

A call Friday by the Chronicle to the WSBA seeking comment about Block's status at the association was not returned.

In the past, WSBA spokeswoman Jennifer Olegario told the Chronicle the WSBA could could not comment on any ongoing investigations having to do with any bar member or even acknowledge that an investigation into a member's conduct was underway.
Update 12/8/13: The Chronicle has learned that an unidentified Internet poster, with indications the poster claims to be Block, has written that the WSBA has sent a subpoena to Block requesting her "media records," and that Block has refused to turn over such records claiming "1st amendment shield laws" protect her from such an inquiry.

If true that the WSBA has sent such a request, it would lend weight to the theory there is or was an active and serious WSBA investigation into Block's Internet activities.

The term "media records" could encompass all of Block's emails, among other things, going back years from her Internet service provider or providers.

There are those who believe the last thing Block would want exposed to investigators is all her emails and other Internet postings over the years.

Some victims of Block's alleged cyber stalking claim Block has used the Internet in various platforms, including emails, to stalk and terrorize them - men, women, children - for years.

One alleged victim, who has chosen to remain anonymous, told the Chronicle in an extensive interview that she and her family have been stalked by Block, and perhaps some of Block's followers, for going on six years.

Eventually, fearing physical harm might come to their children, the couple felt compelled to have a meeting with school offcials to discuss what teachers and others should do in the event a stranger showed up one day and attempted to take a child out of school, claiming to be a friend of the family or using some other ruse to take the child away from school.

There will be much more on this particular story published in the Chronicle in 2014. End update.

A Puget Sound area newsman who's been following the Block horror story for a few years has an idea of why that posting about Block voluntarily "resigning" from the WSBA showed up at this time.

Running scared, hoping for soft landing

This gentleman prefers not to be named for this report which is par for the course for people we talk with when Block is mentioned in a news story as they all (or most of them) are concerned about reprisals and vendettas from the woman, which appears to demonstrate a high degree of intelligence on their part.

So we'll simply call this fellow "Noel."
"You can tell something is up here," says Noel. "Block appears to be running scared. Block, or maybe someone writing as her telegraphed that fear by claiming someone "called in a favor" to get her (a Gold Bar "reporter") disbarred.

Well, first of all that is utter nonsense. Nobody but NOBODY can call in a "favor" to get anyone disbarred at the WSBA. Doesn't work that way.

Anyone who does think it works that way is not dealing with a full deck and could use some electro-shock therapy.

So the translation to that post is this: something about disbarment appears to be in the works as it relates to her or at least Block perceives disbarment as a possibility in the near future," says Noel.

That was the first obvious, telegraphed punch he says. The second is the post saying that Block "resigns from WSBA."
"It has been rumored over the years that an unknown number of complaints have been lodged against Block with both the WSBA as well as with the sheriff's office," says Noel.

"It may well be that one or more of these complaint investigations are coming to a head at the WSBA and perhaps Block sees a train wreck coming her way.

Maybe the bar's disciplinary committee is asking hard questions she does not want to answer or maybe they've called her in for meeting she does not want to attend, who knows?

But being a proven and often predictable liar with delusions-of-grandeur, it makes perfect sense that Block would try to spin this to make it appear she is voluntarily quitting this association and leaving her law license behind...which, of course, makes no sense whatsoever," adds Noel.

"Nobody with an ego as big as Block's voluntarily gives up a law license that took years and a fair amount of money to obtain, even if Block had to go to a joke palace like The Thomas M. Cooley Law School as a first step to get that license.

If I had to place a bet I'd lay five-to-one odds that Block believed, as of Thursday at any rate, that she's in real danger of having her law license yanked by the WSBA.

Having her license yanked would be front page news and very bad publicity for her. It would confirm in many minds what some people have said for years about the woman and would also be just a huge gut shot to her massive ego.

Thus it makes sense Block would want to blunt any bad press of that sort by throwing out the spin early on that she's going out on her own terms, that she 's not being "kicked out" of the association and losing her license. That's the only way that comment about resigning from the WSBA makes any sense at all," he adds.

If that scenario is what is in play here, Block may have a bit of trouble pulling off that resignation to her liking and making herself look good, for the WSBA's rules say a lawyer in the midst of a complaint investigation cannot simply resign from the association without repercussions.

It's not that easy.

According to page 6 of the Washington State Bar Association's "2012 Lawyer Discipline System Annual Report":
"Occasionally a lawyer with a pending disciplinary investigation or proceeding will seek to resign from the Bar rather than go through the disciplinary process. The only resignation alternative in this situation is for the lawyer to enter into a resignation in lieu of disbarment, a status from which reinstatement may not be sought."

Translation: if a lawyer wants to resign in the midst of a pending disciplinary investigation or proceeding - in order to avoid going through the process and being disciplined - such a resignation means that lawyer may never again be reinstated to the WSBA.

As in goodbye license for good.

Filing a complaint.

Anyone may file a (legitimate) complaint against a lawyer by using the procedure available at the WSBA website HERE .

The rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys who are members of the WSBA may be found here .

Of particular interest are all of the elements contained under Title 4 on that Professional Conduct rules page including "truthfulness in statements to others," and under Title 8 the entire section called "Misconduct."

STORY TAGS: Anne Block law license suspended, Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) suspends law license of Anne K. Block, Anne Block law license suspended, misconduct charges against Anne K. Block, cyber stalking, alleged cyber stalker Anne K. Block, Sky Valley Chronicle, lawyer conduct, lawyer misconduct, lawyer discipline, Thomas M. Cooley Law School, sociopaths, Gold Bar, WA.



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