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Mon, September 24, 2018

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May 06, 2013

Standard appearing, short header in email from "Michael Broaks." CLICK TO ENLARGE

Full meta data header of email sent from "Michael Broaks." CLICK TO ENLARGE

An exhibit in sworn testimony from March 2012 from a Snohomish County, Washington state man. Shown is email from "Michael Broaks" sent to the man's minor daughter. CLICK TO ENLARGE

The Sky Valley Chronicle is offering a reward for information leading to positive identification of a person or persons believed to have used the fictitious name "Micheal Broaks" to send unsolicited, harmful and inappropriate emails to children (as well as adults) as part of what is believed to be a more extensive, long term cyber stalking campaign against an as yet unknown number of people in violation of RCW 9.61.260 and RCW 9a.46.110.

One of the targets of this email sender feared for the safety of her two young children. She has stated in the past that this "Broaks" sent barrages of emails containing hateful lies and untruths to her, her family members and her employer as well as posting hate filled material online.

Another target, a man feared for his family including his minor child.

"Michael Broaks" used this email address: mbroaks1965@gmail.com.

Although there may be many legitimate Michael Broaks across the country, in this instance the name Michael Broaks is believed to have been used fictitiously to conceal the true identity of the sender.

1965 may be the birth date of the sender. The emails are believed to have originated in western Washington and were believed to have been sent sometime between the years 2006 and 2010.


The sender may have been using Comcast as the Internet service provider through which these emails were sent. If you are a present or past technical person at Comcast who can arrange to have this traced back to point of origin, or have a colleague at Comcast assist with that we would appreciate your help and input.

At above right is an example of a "standard" email header from this sender (recipient has been blocked out for privacy reasons).

Below this graphic is an expanded "full" header to an email from this sender that contains what is called "meta data" that those who are technically proficient in computer code will understand.

You will notice the sender here is using Google's free Gmail service.

If you are a present or past technical person at Gmail who can arrange to have this traced back to point of origin, or have a colleague at Gmail that can assist with that, we would appreciate your help and input.

This person may still have this mbroaks1965@gmail.com as an active account.

As to the amount of the reward, we really haven’t gotten that far yet. We hope it will be a lot.

Perhaps it will be a modest amount.

But whatever the amount, your greatest reward will be in helping to shed some new light on what appears to have been - and is - a very nasty situation.


As we mentioned the sender or senders is believed to have targeted and sent unsolicited, inappropriate and harmful emails to children as a way of attacking the parents.

And to our way of thinking anyone who targets a child for harm - for any reason - is about the lowest level of human being there is.

The third document down at right is Exhibit D in sworn testimony from March 2012 from a Snohomish County, Washington State man who testified he and his family have been viciously cyber stalked and attacked online and through other means for years and that this fictitious Michael Broaks character was part of these attacks.

This exhibit is an email sent to the man's minor daughter by "Michael Broaks" clearly designed to hurt the child emotionally and make her father appear in a negative light to the child.

What this man and his family have been through is nothing short of horrific and beyond the pale. We do not use their names here simply because they have been named and abused enough.

It amazing us to us that with the trail of evidence in this case (about 2 miles long and very clear), this stalker or stalkers has not already been tried, convicted and sent to jail.

It seems a second year law student could get convictions on both RCW 9.61.260 and RCW 9a.46.110 without breaking much of a sweat.

The Chronicle urges the prosecutor's office to revisit this case with an eye toward filing criminal charges, considering the hell this man and his family have been through and the trail of evidence that exists. If there ever was case to go after cyber stalkers and bring them to justice, this is it.

The stalker, said this man in sworn testimony, placed on an Internet website "the name of my children's elementary school and referred to our children, their grade level and obtained and published photos....of my minor children and made references to our children and our family," on an Internet website.

The man testified that this Mister Broaks "On several occasions contacted me, my employees, my associates, my aging parents...my best friend my sister and even my then six year old daughter via her dedicated email address."

The man believes all this information was obtained by someone using the Public Records act as a weapon to get to him and his family.

And the Wash. State Public Records Act as it stands now is indeed a weapon.

He said the emails that were sent were "Clearly directed at harassing, intimidating and/or embarrassing me. As a parent I was horrified at the sight of an email...being received by my daughter's private email address."

This man testified his family has been the brunt of literally hundreds of attacks that have occurred over the past three years and the astonishing thing is this man has never even met the people who went after him, his wife, his children and his other relatives.
The attacks started over an email response the man sent in his official capacity as a county employee that he says his attacker simply did not like. That's it. Nothing more.

Before long he and his family were under attack like nothing they had ever experienced.

As far as the Chronicle knows it continues to this day. As we look at this man's case we see a true sociopath or sociopaths at work. It is difficult to imagine a "normal" human being doing to this man and his family what has been done to them.

We agree with the man when he says he fears for his family's safety. He should indeed be concerned with their safety.

History shows that non-violent cyber stalkers are non-violent right up until the moment in their life that things change and they decide to become very violent.

The award will be in effect until December 31, 2013. It may be extended beyond that.

To claim the reward we need a legal name, address and phone number for our records. This information would not be published in the paper.

Thank you.

TAGS: Cyber stalking, Michael Broaks, email address mbroaks1965@gmail.com.



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