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Tue, August 21, 2018

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Confrontation at Monroe gas station leads to two in
the lake
One facing the Nukester

March 28, 2017

Chronicle staff
This report was first published Sunday 3/27 as a front page feature story

(MONROE, WA.) – There are two men who possibly wish today they had not let their testosterone levels run that hot or had bowed up on each other in a gas station in Monroe on Sunday morning, because one thing led to another and things did get out of hand.

It was about twenty minutes to 8 am on Sunday morning March 27 when Monroe Police officers were called to the Twin Rivers Chevron in the 17000 block of West Main Street SE in Monroe for a possible altercation.

"Witnesses observed two males associated with a red Honda and a gold Honda confronting each other in the parking lot of the gas station," said a Monroe police statement.

Evidently, the two altercators (and would-be bare knuckle fist fighters) observed the gendarmes approaching and thought a quick exit from the premises was in order and that's what they did.

Pedals to the metal

They jumped back into those red and gold Hondas and exited the petrol facility in rapid fashion with the cops in pursuit.

The suspects - a man behind the wheel of the red Honda and a woman driving the gold Honda - were motorvating like greased lightning headed north on Fryelands Boulevard "at a high rate of speed" and the race was on.

Perhaps not happy that he didn't get the chance to duke things out at the gas station with the other guy, the red Honda driver at some point rams his rig into the gold Honda, "Causing it to leave the roadway, ending upside down in Lords Lake," according to police spokeswoman Debbie Willis.

This act was not only illegal and dangerous it was rude and uncalled for. Luckily, the two people in the gold Honda that went into the lake managed to get out of the car.

The woman driver of the gold Honda was found at the scene but her male passenger ran away on foot -- and that's when they brought in a top-notch police dog to track the man; a police dog named "K-9 Nuke."

Beware of the Nukester

You can search high and low across this country and never find a better name for a police dog than K-9 Nuke. The name itself strikes fear into the hearts of evil-doers, or at least it should.

At any rate, the male passenger was believed to be under a house on Heintz Avenue so K-9 Nuke "approached the residence" and thus the man who ran from the lake decided discretion was the better part of valor at this point and voluntarily crawled out of his hiding spot saying he did not want the Nukester "biting him" (e.g., chewing on an appendage).

So now both the male and the female that were in the gold Honda that went into the lake are in custody and it's all over but the customary booking process and then the usual introduction to the less than luxurious interior digs of the county jail.

But before they went to jail, both the 27-year old woman from Seattle and the 36-year old man, also from Seattle, were taken to EvergreenHealth of Monroe for treatment of minor injuries sustained when the car left the road and went into the lake.

A tow truck was called to remove the Honda from the lake. That 1997 Honda was eventually found to have been stolen in Seattle on Friday March 24.

Comin' in to Monroe to do some more stealin'

"The occupants of the vehicle said they had come to Monroe with another couple and they had just stolen the red Honda from a residence near the Twin Rivers Chevron," said the Monroe PD statement.

If an accurate description of the words spoken by the suspects, this too would signify rude and uncalled for anti-social behavior that runs contrary to everything the Good Book says and stands for.

Late on Sunday police were still trying to identify the owners of the red Honda which left the area and has not been located.

The 27-year-old woman from Seattle was treated and released from the medical clinic. The 36-year old Seattle man was taken to the Snohomish County Jail for booking on a protection order violation and trespassing charge. Additional charges are pending, according to police.

Let this be a lesson kids. Crime does not pay.



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