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Tue, August 21, 2018

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July 22, 2015

The photo story of Joe & Anne's life together. CLICK TO ENLARGE
Chronicle Exclusive

(GOLD BAR, WA.) -- In an exclusive interview (no, make that a double exclusive with triple exclusive photos) with the Sky Valley Chronicle, the venerable newspaper of record for the Sky Valley and all of east Snohomish County, former Gold Bar Mayor Joe Beavers has announced he's getting hitched.

Actually, his honor the former mayor is getting re-hitched to his current bride but who's splitting hairs here?

And the really fun part is Joseph, documented by various civic publications as one of the finest mayors in the history of Gold Bar, and the lovely Anne Beavers are redoing their vows in front of guys that wear guns.

How cool is that? We've always said that happiness is a warm gun and sheer Mondo ecstasy is a warm gun and a sharp military saber to go along with it .

Yes, Anne & Joe will be "renewing" (as they say) their wedding vows in order to assist the fine and always interesting Civil War Reenactors during Gold Dust Days in Gold Bar this weekend.

The grand event is Sunday, July 26 at 1:00 pm at the Reenactors camp along Highway 2.

We have it on strong authority it will be the highlight of the day in camp and one of the grand highlights of Gold Dust Days, although Mr. Beavers modestly says he and his bride are but minor players in a grander expanse of American life that day.

But this newspaper has dug deep on this one and discovered there is quite a story to this mad, passionate love affair between Joe and Anne and it will be told for the first time ever, here and now within the pages of the mighty Chronicle.

Please strap yourselves in. We're going to go fast and there is always the chance of injury.

The Meeting

Joe met his lovely bride Anne way, way back in middle school circa 1957 when people only had black and white TV's with only three channels, no HBO, no cell phones, no video games, no Internet, no robots, no GPS in cars, no Mapquest, no light beer, no MRI scans, no MP3 audio players, no downloadable music, no CD's, no digital audio and video recorders, no Cable TV, no Daily Show with Jon Stewart...and they actually read newspapers back then that were "printed" on flimsy, cheap paper that had ink on it.

Essentially, the Stone Age. How anyone actually lived in those days without going stark raving mad is a mystery.

Fast forward and we see the love birds dating in high school. (This could be a two-hankie affair ladies, so whip em' out if ya got em.') Yes, they are bonafide high school sweethearts now enjoying their Golden Years together.

Anne graduated high school, "With all the honors and got lots of press," says his honor the former mayor and years later their high school English teacher, "Was shocked that not only did Anne marry me, but that I wasn't in prison. Amazing how one lousy semester paper about ***** puts you on the teacher's list," said Beavers.

Being this is a family newspaper we were forced to censor the above frank comment about the title of that term paper.

We have to admit though, if the former mayor wrote that paper in 1957 he had a killer sense of humor for a guy in the scary throes of the Cold War and may have missed his calling -- stand up comedy.

Arlington, Texas

At any rate, the love birds took up residence in Arlington Texas (home to some killer guitar players) then off to Madison, Connecticut then back to Texas in the Beaumont area where claims to fame are Spindletop and the first plant to synthesize rubber (rubber is in darned near everything, which is why it's a great investment) and then, after some years there and the by and by and so forth and so on...on to the gorgeous mountain hamlet of Gold Bar, where nary is heard a discouraging word.

With the exception of you-know-who. :)

In Arlington, Texas the couple began an organic plant nursery, The Good Earth, which ran for a few years and then due to a job offer in Connecticut, they moved there and "enjoyed the New England experience."

When they returned to the great state of Texas they stayed there and worked and played until retirement.  Anne taught at a middle school in China,Texas and as luck would have it the Disney company co-premiered the movie "Mulan" there, building a "Great Wall of China" on school grounds as part of the promotion.

Mulan is a 1998 Disney produced animated musical action-comedy-drama film based on on the Chinese legend of Fa Mulan which dates back to the Han Dynasty, where Fa Mulan, daughter of the aged warrior Fa Zhou, impersonates a man to take her father's place during a general conscription to counter a Hun invasion.

It's way too long and complicated to get into here, suffice to say the kids loved it and Disney made a killing with it.

See exclusive photo collage of Joe & Anne's life at upper right. Click to enlarge.

At any rate, the love birds had vacationed up in this area once and really liked what they saw even though the couldn't find any rubber trees or rubber plantations.

Ergo, when retirement time arrived Gold Bar was on the short list. Add to that a fine son and equally fine grandkids in nearby Redmond and it was a no-brainer about where to retire.

Retiring but not retiring in Gold Bar (a Zen koan)

Except oddly enough in retirement, Joe and Anne seem busier than many of us that are still doing the 9-to-5 grindola.

"In Gold Bar we have been able to take advantage of retirement, doing things like the Brown Bag Brigade, weekly sack lunches for those who could use a lift, and Jazz Walk, a fund raiser for Take the Next Step in Monroe," says his honor the former mayor. " We also got to work with the Gold Bar Red Hats and other community contributors on things such as the Easter Egg Hunt, Gold Bar Centennial, Christmas Tree lighting, and support for Safe Stop and the Sultan Food Bank."

Which is why, as any fool can plainly see, Texas' loss was the Sky Valley's gain.

People like Joe and Anne Beavers - at the top of that column of life that says "Best there is" - don't grow on trees anymore.

These are the type of folks who make a community strong, vibrant and worth living in. They bring all that is good and decent about humanity into everything they do here and into everyone's life they touch.

An ancient Irish proverb says, "May you live and love for another 100 years and then ten thousand years thereafter in the sweet eternal land of the high heaven."

Actually, we just made that one up. But it sounded really good, didn't it?

And what a perfect way to end (for now) this great love story. 



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