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Wed, August 22, 2018

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Chronicle urges
YES VOTE on Washington's Initiative 1501

October 26, 2016

The Wash. State PRA allows legal pick-pocketing; taking money from taxpayer's pockets and putting it into the pockets of "vigilante advocates", newspapers and lawyers who abuse the PRA by exploiting its flaws. CLICK TO ENLARGE
This report was first published Oct. 20, 2016 as a front page feature story

Chronicle opinion

(MONROE, WA.) -- Every election that rolls around this newspaper sits it out in terms of recommending who or what you should vote for.

Unlike most newspapers, we think voters are smart enough to figure things out on their own. They don't need nanny-newspapers, nanny-state governments or talk show babblers telling them what to do and how to vote.

But, to every rule there is an exception and this year is an exception.

Thus, this question: how would you like to finally get the chance to strike a blow against those dastardly mainstream-lamestream newspapers?

You know, the same mainstream news outlets (mostly of the dead tree variety) you've been railing against with clenched fists for years.

The same ones that have skewered for decades all those candidates, issues and ideas you think are essential to the orderly and decent flow of this great nation. The same newspapers that have ignored for years who you are and what you believe and care about.

Well, here's your chance buddy-boy to strike back against the Evil Empire and make those mainstream-lamescreamers do the funky chicken. Make em' twist in the wind on a sharp stick.

VOTE YES on Washington State's Initiative 1501 and you'll have mainstream newsies screaming like lunatics into the dark, dead night as if they'd been poked by a flesh eater in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Here's all you need to know to feel good about that yes vote on I-1501: mainstream newsies are desperate to have you vote no against 1501.


Because it is in their self-interests (that they curiously never report on) for you to do what they say on this issue. That's right. Nanny-newspapers want you to do their bidding here because it is good for them.

Here is why you should VOTE YES on I-1501

The mainstream lamers don't want a yes vote on this one because 1501, among other things, is being pushed by unions in the state to stem the tide of just a few abuses that occur (and there are many) under Washington's horribly flawed, badly worded and ill conceived (from the start) Washington Public Records Act (PRA).

You know, the same PRA that newspapers benefit from financially in several ways, but curiously never report to you about.

Why, not long ago the high-falutin' Seattle Times (that bastion of truth and justice) reached into your (taxpayers) pockets and took out over $506,000 of your money - dollars you'll never see again - thanks to the horribly conceived PRA which was written and rammed through the state legislature in the 1970's by lobbyists for the dead tree newspapers.

That $506,000 was easy money and almost pure profit for the Times. Its so easy to rip off the taxpayer using the PRA, we don't know why everyone just doesn't quit their job and start working the PRA scam. You only need one good hit. There are people in this state who have used the PRA to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars in pure profit -- we're talking retirement money.

And, of course it's no secret that newspaper owners and executives hate unions because, well, they tend to push for decent wages and benefits (god forbid).

No labor beat reporters

Notice that no major newspaper in the country has a full time labor beat reporter anymore (they all used to have them) but boy do they have lots and lots of Wall Street and business news reporting -- the voices of those who do not have the interests of working class people at the top of their to do and wish lists. See the hypocritical pattern?

The MO (modus operandi) of major newspapers in this country when it comes to unions/organized labor is to, in very subtle but effective ways, dehumanize, marginalize, discredit and disenfranchise unions/organized labor in the greater course of American life.

You'll notice you never read anything about labor/unions in most newspapers unless there is a strike during a contract negotiation (those greedy, evil union boys picking on those defenseless, angelic corporations doing their best to make a better life for us all) or when a union marches on the state capitol.

And the other thing the mainstreamers have not told you about the PRA is - besides the fact it's being used by sex perverts and sociopaths to stalk women and kids with impunity and rip off you the taxpayer for millions of dollars - is that it is now being used by far right fringe groups to try and kill off unions in this state.

Oh? Your mainstream newspaper has not reported on that aspect of the PRA? Gosh, what a huge surprise.

To level the playing field

I-1501 recognizes that Washington's terrible PRA is being used for fraud and identity theft - sometime against the elderly, the most vulnerable people in our society - and so it wisely increases civil penalties to three times the actual damages on criminals who defraud senior citizens and other vulnerable people.

The measure also prevents the state government from releasing information that could provide criminals with what they need to effectively target seniors and the vulnerable and it protects the personal information of in-home caregivers.

This is something that mainstreamer newspapers hate about 1501 because it actually tries to, in a minor way, level the playing field for the rest of us including every individual and union member from being attacked by scammers and con men and, in the case of unions, by far right fringe groups using the PRA as a weapon to destroy the few family wage jobs left in this state and country.

How much do mainstream newspapers love the PRA and protect it in every way they can? Why, every time in the state legislature a bill comes up that simply tries to modify the PRA in a mild way to stem (not stop) some of the abuses possible under this fully FUBAR law, lobbyists for the dead tree newspapers in the state make sure that bill goes nowhere .

There really is only one sensible thing for the legislature to do at this juncture: scrap this god-awful public records act (our state isn't even in the Top 30 of states that have GOOD PRA's) and start over fresh with no newspaper lobbyists writing the revised law to suit dead-tree needs and interests.

Initiative 1501 is supported by the Washington State Senior Lobby, Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action, unions, and others.

The Chronicle urges a YES vote on I-1501 for all the right reasons. And if those aren't enough, just rejoice in the knowledge you'll be striking a blow against the mainstream news Evil Empire. You know. The devil incarnate.



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