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Mon, August 20, 2018

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The Peal Jam Jams
A million bucks minimum to help figure out a new solution to a thorny problem

January 23, 2018

Pearl Jam. Photo: YouTube
Chronicle news-opinion-expert rock n' roll analysis

(SEATTLE, WA.) -- Now there's a real nice gesture if ever one existed. Seattle's home grown rock n' roll hall of famers Pearl Jam comes up with a fascinating idea. A bold concept as it were. A novel thought in a vast wasteland of often underutilized brain cells in the land called 'Merica.

A sparkling new entry into the idea mix on how to do something the so-called experts can't figure out.

Pearl Jam - who by the way should, we believe, market a real jam product like Newman's Own and go mano-a-mano with Newmie's - has announced the band's first hometown Seattle appearance in 5 years and "the largest headlining concert event in Seattle since the Rolling Stones' two-night stint at the Kingdome in 1981," says the press release.

The gig is called The Home Shows, two of them, and they take place August 8th & 10th at Safeco Field in Seattle.

Gonna do 100,000 fans through those doors (they say) as well as "spotlight efforts across the city and King County to address the region’s homelessness issue."

Jam Up And Jelly Tight

The Jam boys (there are no girls in this Pearl) are pledging a minimum of $1 million toward local homelessness initiatives and they have challenged the rest of us to help out with same -- toward a goal of raising a minimum of $10 million to put toward trying to successfully (key word) figure out some new ways to attack the homelessness issue in the Seattle area.

The band is researching "a wide range of programs to address Seattle-area homelessness...with a plan to announce specific beneficiaries closer to the show dates."

A novel idea, as noted above and one that should be applauded. Knighthoods might be in order, if 'Merica had those. (Pearl Jam might have to settle for an afternoon at the White House and a photo-op with President Donald Trump, better known as Captain Hairspray. They'll love that.)

The Jammers will announce specific beneficiaries of that million bucks closer to the show dates.

Jammer Stone Gossard notes, “Seattle is our hometown. When there are challenges here, we want to be part of the solution. It's heartening so many organizations and individuals are coming together to do the same. It's going to take all of us.”

Well by God Stone, we want you to know we're all with you. Fist bump bro. Big one. The knuckle-busting kind.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with the Jammers

There's a number of area business, nonprofits and government agencies who are collaborating with the band to take on the homeless issue including the city of Seattle, the Seattle Mariners (baseball been berry-berry good to them), Starbucks, the Schultz Family Foundation, Amazon (not the river, the Seattle online company) Ethan Stowell Restaurants, Port of Seattle and radio stations KISW (we always call it Kiss-My-W just for fits and giggles) 107.7 The End and KEXP, one of our favorite indy non-profit radio stations of all time.

And if you don't send a few bucks now and then to support KEXP, then by gum you're gonna have a fistfight on your hands buddy boy.

New Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan says, “We must have everyone in the fight to solve homelessness including our local government, caring philanthropists, community organizations, individuals, and artists, in finding some new and innovative solutions to homelessness."

There's a fair amount of truth in that statement when you consider that all the stuff government has tried to date hasn't made much of a dent in the old deedledum patch.

And hey, wouldn't that just beat all if some rock n' roll dudes kick-started something at Safeco Field that actually got around to really attacking the problem of homelessness in a big way? A meaningful way?

Hot dang. If that happened we might actually go out and pay real money and buy some of Pearl Jam's music.

Hell, be the least we could do.



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