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Sat, September 22, 2018

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The Aftermath Of President Trump’s G7 Summitt Appearance
June 11, 2018

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Republican strategist Steve Schmidt's tweets on Trump
By Rex D. Cain
Chronicle News & Opinion

(INTERNATIONAL) – There’s a lot being said about President Donald Trump’s decidedly unpresidential over-the-top appearance and tweets at the G7 summit over the weekend.

There's Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, an MSNBC analyst and former aide to Sen. John McCain. Schmidt said Sunday in a tweet that President Trump "beclowned himself" and disgraced the United States at that world event.

"From his slovenly appearance to his unpreparedness, ignorance and arrogance, he beclowned himself," tweeted Schmidt, one of a handful of vocal GOP critics of Trump. "The Republican majority is filled with cowards who are servile supplicants to the most unfit POTUS ever."

Schmidt also tweeted, “I think it’s time we give Vladimir Putin his due. He is clearly the greatest intelligence agent —ever . He has engineered the unraveling of the western alliance, fidelity to democracy in the United States and the severing of the UK from the EU. It’s a remarkable achievement.”

Trump made headlines (of course) at the G7 summit Saturday when he, the odd man out, inexplicably called for Russia to be readmitted to the group -- after being removed over the annexation of Crimea.

Other world G7 leaders rejected the idea, which appeared to be the latest example of Trump’s unexplained almost groupie-like admiration for Vladimir Putin, a man Sen. John McCain once said was a “tyrant and a killer,” while at the same time never shying away from slamming his own US intelligence agencies and America’s closest allies.

Trump also refused to back a joint communique issued by the participating nations at the end of the summit, and in tweets insulted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by calling him "very dishonest & weak."

Schmidt pointed to this Ronald Reagan speech before the Canadian Parliament saying it was, “Worth a read as Americans contemplate the disgusting attack by Trump on our friends to the North.”

From the British newspaper The Guardian:

“The failure of the G7 meeting in Charlevoix, Quebec, marks a watershed for the 21st-century democracies. It is the moment when Donald Trump’s disruption of the international order moved from annoying threat to damaging reality. Mr Trump went to Quebec only under protest. He made no effort to compromise on his tariff war. He arrived late for meetings, chided the other leaders and left early. He snubbed the final communique. He tweeted insults to his Canadian hosts from his plane as he headed off. By the time his North Korean summit ends later this week, Mr Trump may be on chummier terms with another authoritarian dictator than with America’s democratic allies.”

Economist Paul Krugman at The New York Times: “There has never been a disaster like the G7 meeting that just took place. It could herald the beginning of a trade war, maybe even the collapse of the Western alliance. At the very least it will damage America’s reputation as a reliable ally for decades to come... (Trump) didn’t put America first; Russia first would be a better description. And he didn’t demand drastic policy changes from our allies; he demanded that they stop doing bad things they aren’t doing. This wasn’t a tough stance on behalf of American interests, it was a declaration of ignorance and policy insanity.”

While Trudeau and other historical allies get disdain, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un and various aspiring authoritarians are bathed in praise. Trump and his aides have promoted far-right politicians in Germany and elsewhere. In Quebec, he made excuses for Russia’s annexation of Crimea and argued that Russia should be readmitted to the G-7. Jay Nordlinger, the conservative writer, asked, “Why is he talking like an RT host?” — RT being Russia Today, a government-funded television network. “

In USA Today, Ross Baker a distinguished professor of political science at Rutgers University wrote an apology to Canada over Trump’s rudeness:

“'I’m sorry, Canada. I have no explanation for Donald Trump's rudeness at the G7 summit. There could be no better ally or neighbor than you...I know that it’s presumptuous of me to apologize to you for the crude and unmannerly behavior of our president, but even as a private citizen I feel that you deserve better than to have your prime minister treated harshly and disrespectfully. The minimum of simple courtesy, not just diplomatic protocol, entitles him to be addressed respectfully by his title and not by the condescending use of his first name.

But that’s just one bit of human decency that the president forgot to have his valet pack for him when he left for Quebec. He also neglected to include a briefing book on the sturdy bonds of history that have marked us among the nations of the world as the best of neighbors. Our president who purports to revere the military has forgotten that we and the Canadians have been comrades in arms since World War I...perhaps he never learned about the blood of Americans and Canadians mixing on the stony beaches at Dieppe in 1942 or our joint sacrifices on D-Day in Normandy beaches and across Northern Europe in 1944 and 1945. “

Strobe Talbott writing on Politico.com: “Trump told the press last week, with apparent pride, that he is “Russia’s worst nightmare.” Wrong. He is the democratic world’s worst nightmare. He has crippled NATO, the North Atlantic community, the European Union and now the G7. In Putin’s zero-sum worldview, that is a dream come true.”

Canada’s The National Observer: “The tense G7 summit in Quebec ended with a dramatic thud Saturday, when minutes after Canada released the text of a joint statement signed by all leaders, U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew his nation's support in a tweet.The astonishing conclusion to the summit capped off a weekend driven by Trump's erratic pronouncements on trade and unpredictable behaviour.”

And so it goes.



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