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Wed, July 18, 2018

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New poll shows most Americans view President Trump as a divider, not uniter
September 25, 2017

President Donald Trump, speaking at the United Nations

(NATIONAL)  --  Even before President Trump injected himself into the ranks of NFL coaches, telling football players what they should and shouldn't do under threat of termination, most Americans viewed Trump as a President who was doing more to divide this country than unite it.

At least that's what some Washington Post-ABC polling released Sunday suggests.

The numbers from the poll show about two-thirds of Americans (66%) felt that Trump, despite what he says about the country needing to unite was driving Americans apart from one another. Only about a third (28%) said he was uniting Americans.

The Post asked the same question shortly after the Presidential election and got very different results. Back then 49% said Trump would "likely" divide the nation and 44% said he would be a uniter.

What that shows is that Trump's actions in office since the election have led many more Americans to view him as a divisive leader.

Interestingly, that view holds steady among most demographic groups. "A majority of white Americans and a huge majority of black and Hispanic Americans think that Trump has done more to divide than to unite," said a Washington Post report about that poll.

Only among Republicans, white evangelical Protestants and conservatives do a majority think that Trump has been more of a uniter. But the Post found an interesting detail there that is worth noting.

Among those who approve of Trump — 39% of respondents, far fewer than other recent presidents at this point in a presidency — about 1 in 5 think he has done more to divide than to unite. Even 1 in 7 of those who approve of Trump strongly seem him as more of a divider than a uniter.

According to the Post, "Neither George W. Bush nor Barack Obama ever had so many Americans view them as being so divisive. Bush’s worst marks on the question came in June 2005 in Post-ABC polling, when 55 percent of the country viewed him as doing more to divide than to unite. Obama’s worst numbers came in September 2014, when 55 percent viewed him as divisive."

For their part, NFL players and one baseball player responded to Trump's angry speech in Atlanta - where he indicated it would be "great" if NFL owners would fire players who don't stand for the national anthem - responded with widespread protest actions during the weekend's games.

On Saturday night, the Oakland Athletics' Bruce Maxwell became the first Major League Baseball player to kneel in protest during the anthem.

During Sunday's NFL games:

Neither the Seattle Seahawks or the Tennessee Titans turned out for the national anthem before kick-off at their game, hours after the Pittsburgh Steelers did the same in Chicago.

The anthem singer at the Seahawks-Titans game kneeled at the end of he performance, as did singer at the Lions-Falcons game, who also raised his fist

The Chicago Bears stood on the sidelines with their arms locked, as did New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady and teammates at another game.

Some Green Bay Packers and Cincinnati Bengals players also linked arms. However when it came to football fans, all was not solidarity with players. Fans booed their own teams at some games as players silently protested - including at the Titans and Patriots games.

And Philadelphia Eagles fans clashed with protesters ahead of a game in their home city against the New York Giants.

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan - who donated $1 Million to the Trump campaign - locked arms with his players which was an unusual sight as owners rarely join their players on the field before games.



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