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Tue, July 17, 2018

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Falsely claims Gold Bar Mayor and former mayor are ghostwriters

September 06, 2012

Sign on Highway 2 points to Gold Bar city hall and Sheriff's office. Sky Valley Chronicle photo. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Scan of Wikipedia internal document warning a contrbutor to stop vandlizing a Wikipedia web page called Anne. K,. Block. Note: for clariity the red arrows are ours.

Scan taken in the early morning hours Sept. 6, 2012 from Ask,com website of part of live Wikipedia page there about Anne K. Block. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Partial scan of Japanese Wikipedia page about Anne K. Block taken at 5:46 am 9/6/12 West Coast time. It appears to be the same Anne K. Block page that was on U.S. Wikipedia site for weeks in August., CLICK TO ENLARGE

Partial scan taken 9:18 a.m. west coast time 9/6/12 of the reference (sourcing) section of the Anne K. Block Japanese Wikipedia page found at: http://wpedia.goo.ne.jp/enwiki/Wikipedia_talk:Articles_for_creation/Anne_K._Block

Text of untrue accusations made on Block controlled website. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Twitter posts where somone repeats untrue accusations first posted on Block controlled web page. None of the untrue, published accusations are signed. CLICK TO OPEN

Screen capture of alleged “death threat” post at Block controlled Twitter account. No sourcing, no proof. Post made at 7:54 a.m. 9/6/12 according to Twitter’ s time stamp. CLICK TO ENLARGE
Editor's Note 11/29/14: Since this story was written the Wash. State Bar Association initiated an investigation into Anne Block's behavior and then held a pubic misconduct hearing for Block due to her alleged gross misconduct as an attorney in this state.

Prior to that hearing her law license in Washington State was suspended by the WSBA.

At the hearing, the WSBA's investigative counsel concluded after examining quite a few pieces of evidence and talking to witnesses, that Block did willfully engage in gross misconduct as an attorney - including egregious actions that damaged a Snohomish County man, John Pennington and his family - and recommended that Block be disbarred for her misconduct.

The full story on that hearing can be found   here .


Following that July 2014 hearing on Block's misconduct, the WSBA Hearing Examiner issued in September a blistering report that purported to legally unmask the real Anne Block for what she is and what she has done to both badly soil the reputation of the legal profession, her own reputation and engage in numerous acts of misconduct which includes allegedly harassing a Snohomish County man and his family for years.

In that report the WSBA Hearing Examiner agreed with the WSBA's investigative counsel that the Gold Bar woman should be disbarred for her misconduct which included, the bar probe found, making (willfully) untruthful comments and accusations as well as altering a document in order to derail the WSBA probe into her misconduct.

The story on that report - which includes never before reported information about Block and her activities from the WSBA's own probe - can be found   here .


And the strange story of Block's outrageous and arguably often bizarre behavior as an attorney, not to mention as a human being, do not end there.

In late July 2014 a Deputy Snohomish County Prosecutor filed an unprecedented 14-page motion with a federal judge, asking the judge for "relief" from the harassment campaign Block had allegedly engaged against him and his clients in a lawsuit Block had filed against the county -- not the other way around.

Curiously the motion describes much the same abusive Block behavior - including massive Pubic Records searches and requests under the state's flawed, poorly worded and ill-conceived Wash. State Public Records Act - that the WSBA probe had fund Block engaged in, only this time around used in an outgoing plan and pattern of harassment against the county attorney and his clients.

It is yet another bizarre chapter in the arguably strange life and antics of this Gold Bar woman which included, said the attorney in his filing, Block showing up in a hallway near his office door at the Everett county building where he works and verbally accosting him with what one eyewitness described as "a crazed look" on Block's face.

The first of a three part story on the attorney's unprecedented filing against Block can be found   here .

Part two can be found   here and and part three can be found   here .


It should be noted that as of the day this is written, virtually no "mainstream media" (newspapers, TV, newswire services like the AP, radio, news websites etc.) outside of the Sky Valley Chronicle has covered these stories about Block and her behavior nor the 14-page unprecedented filing by the Deputy Snohomish County Prosecutor seeking relief from Block's harrssment.

We are told by readers, fans and news observers in general that mainstream media has its own reasons of self-interest for not covering the Block story, including their desire to protect the flawed and dangerous Washington State Public Records Act from scrutiny by the public as well as perhaps these news outlets possibly being fearful of retaliation by Block should they print stories she finds objectionable.

This publication does not know for sure the reason or reasons these news agencies refuse to cover the Block story since it is their job to do so. You'll have to ask them why they refuse to cover one of the biggest regional stories of the past several years if not longer.

End editor's note.


Chronicle News & Opinion Sept. 06, 2012

(GOLD BAR, WA) -- In yet one more interesting but arguably bizarre occurrence surrounding the always fascinating antics of Gold Bar attorney and resident Anne Block, a woman the Seattle Times described as publishing a “hyper local website that is hotbed of rumors and accusations,” the feisty lawsuit-filing legal beagle from Gold Bar appears to have a new crusade based on more rumors and unfounded accusations: making untruthful claims in print about newspapers that publish news stories about her that make her angry.

Ms. Block, or someone claiming to be her, appears to have a great dislike for newspaper stories that show Block in any light other than one that portrays her as anything but the righteous, upstanding, caped civil crusader fighting the good fight against government corruption and always for truth, justice and the American way.

A website that is run by Block and a few associates, according to her own account and published reports, published an undated article recently that accuses – untruthfully and without any basis in fact - the Sky Valley Chronicle newspaper of having Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers as a “ghost writer” for the newspaper and in addition the even wilder claim that “Snohomish County Deputy of Emergency Management Director’s mistress and Gold Bar’s former Mayor Crystal Hill Pennington” is also a ghost writer for the paper.

See full text to the upper right in PDF file of what was on the website The accusations were found on the website Wednesday evening Sept. 5, 2012. Scans of the page were also taken.

The web page containing the accusations were seen at 6:01 am Sept 6, 2012 when a reporter viewed it and scanned it. The entire web page was also downloaded.

Someone also repeated the untrue and unproven accusations on a Twitter page owned and/or controlled by Block.

A Scan of that page was taken at 6:52 a.m Sept. 6, 2012.

Update 12:04 pm 9/6/12: The latest wackiness for the day is some poster on the Twitter account has claimed – as usual without proof or sourcing or naming the poster - that legal-beagle Block has received “death threats” (plural) after “instigating legal defamation suit against Sky Valley Chronicle.”

See Chronicle update on this frightening occurrence at very bottom of story (please try not to laugh out loud when you read it).

The screen capture shot of this latest post on the Gold Bar Reporter Twitter account, made at 7:54 a.m. 9/6/12 according to Twitter’ s time stamp is at below at right.

As was the case with the accusations found by a reporter on Block's website, the same untrue accusations on the Twitter page were not signed by the person making those outlandish claims and, in the case of Ms.Hill extremely hurtful and disdainful accusations that may one day be seen by her children and grandchildren.

We think most folks would take that to mean the person making such outlandish claims with no proof whatsoever is a coward and does not wish her or his name attached publicly to the accusations.

After reading this particular Chronicle article we would not be surprised if both Gold Bar’s Mayor and former Mayor Ms. Hill - now accused in print of being someone’s mistress as well as a ghost writer for a paper that she does not ghost write for and perhaps doesn’t even read - may end up speed dialing an attorney for their own purposes.


Neither Gold Bar Mayor Joe Beavers or former mayor Crystal Hill has ever been a writer for the Sky Valley Chronicle -- ghost or the flesh and blood kind - and no one at the paper has ever asked either individual to write any articles for the paper.

In fact, no one here has ever met Crystal Hill nor does anyone here know where she lives or works or has any idea about how to get a hold of her via phone or otherwise. We simply do not know this woman, period and doubt if we would recognize her if she passed us on a street.

Those two assertions are simply and without question untruthful, scurrilous and baseless accusations made by someone who, in our opinion, has no sense of decency.

The Sky Valley Chronicle challenges whatever hacks run the National Enquirer type website to step up to the plate and produce proof of the accusations.

No one wants to see that more than we do. The Chronicle would even print that proof on the front page in a big feature story.

And to Ms Hill, the Chronicle sincerely apologies for having to print the above, terrible accusation made against you by this in-the-mud Enquirer type outfit as Lord knows your name has been trampled on enough in this community.

But it was necessary for this story.

However in light of recent developments we would be receptive at this time to an Op-Ed piece from both Mr. Beavers and Ms. Hill.

Let er’ rock guys. It seems appropriate at this time that you have a say in what you are accused of doing in your spare time. And who knows, it could work into a regular feature for both of you on the Chronicle. Call us. We’ll talk.

The Chronicle was alerted to the website’s claims too late Wednesay evening to try and call for comment from Mr. Beavers or Ms. Hill but we assume we’ll hear from them soon.


The article accusing Mayor Beavers and Hill, as well as the Chronicle for alleging publishing a false story – an accusation that is also totally untrue - evidently stems from Ms. Block, or someone claiming to be Ms. Block, sending the Chronicle a threatening email that demanded a “front page” retraction of a news story we published.

Retract it in 7 days said the sender or…well there was no mention of what horrors might befall us after seven days but we can only imagine what hounds from hell might be unleashed, figuratively speaking, knowing Ms. Block’s unique history in the Sky Valley.

Ms. Block, or someone claiming to be Ms. Block with en email address of ifeisgood357@comcast.net emailed the Sky Valley Chronicle with the below “seven days or else” threat twice on Sept. 1.

One email came at 6:40 pm. An identical email was sent to the paper at 6:41 pm only this email contained a :cc notice indicating copies were sent to:


This is the email that came to the Chronicle claiming to have been written by Anne. K. Block of Gold Bar:

“Dear Sky Valley -

My name is Anne Block and the Sky Valley Chronicle erroneously reported that there is a Wikipedia site related to me (Anne K. Block). Since this is NOT true, I am asking that you write and publish a “retraction” on the front page of the Sky Valley Chronicle immediately. Sky Valley Chronicle has 7 days to publish its retraction.”

Neither of the emails however were signed so we have no way of knowing firmly who sent them but we generally gather, based on the undated article found on a website associated with Block which appears to have been written in anger using false information, that both communications could possibly have come from Ms. Block and/or a supporter or underling.


There was no phone number attached to either email to call and confirm the writer nor was an address given that could be used for confirmation

Normally we avoid “he said she said” stories, but in this particular case we make an exception due to the cruel and irresponsible nature of those false accusations against Mayor Beavers of Gold Bar and former mayor Ms. Hill.

The writer of the email demanding the retraction claims, “ The Sky Valley Chronicle erroneously reported that there is a Wikipedia site related to me (Anne K. Block). Since this is NOT true….”

The writer refers to a Wikipedia site about the life and doings of Anne, K. Block of Gold Bar that the Chronicle referenced in a news story dated August 29.

Keep in mind the date of that news story as it is important – August 29.

The Chronicle confirmed the existence of the Wikipedia Anne Block page before the story was written and did use it as source for information contained in the story printed August 29.

This is the Wikipedia Anne Block page that now Ms. Block, or someone claiming to be her in emails, alleges did not exist – with the obvious implication being the Chronicle made up this source and thus the news story was false.

Nothing could further from the truth.

According to Wikipedia’s own source files, which the Chronicle has accessed, the Wikipedia site the writer of the email claims did not exist was up and running strong on Wikipedia as early as August 13, 2012, having been placed their by a contributor who goes by the handle of L8incoub3rt.

The Chronicle has learned that soon after this Anne K. Block page went up on Wikipedia, it quickly, according to Wikipedia’s own documents, came under attack from another Wiki contributor who was going in and removing whole chunks of information – things on the page that displayed what appeared to be factual, sourced material that the attacker evidently did not want anyone to see or become part of the public record.

Wikipedia's documents show the attacker’s handle (name) as a Wiki contributor is AnnBlock45

And according to Wikipedia documents, this attacker named AnnBlock45 by Wikipedia was going in and - again in Wikipedia’s term - vandalizing another contributor’s page by attempting to “whitewash” it or “sanitize” it as Wikipedia put it, in an apparent effort to transform the page into a glowing tribute to the woman whose name on the page was Anne K. Block, referring to the Anne K. Block attorney from Gold Bar.

See screen shot above and to the right taken from Wikipedia files that says the note shown is a warning to the attacker. It says if the attacker does not stop vandalizing actions the attacker, “May be blocked from editing without further warning the next time you vandalize a page.”

This is a Wikipedia warning concerning an Anne K. Block web page/web article that existed on Wikipedia before the Chronicle published the story that someone is so angry about now -- and claiming the page did not exist.

The Chronicle story ran on August 29. The Chronicle sourced this Wikipedia page for the story both August 28 and 29 but the story was not published until August 29.

The Anne. K Block Wikipedia page itself was not pulled down until, according to Wikipedia’s documents, when it was “Last modified on 30 August 2012, at 23:55” or 11:55 pm on August 30.

The email claiming to be from Anne Block of Gold Bar demanding a retraction of a story based on her implication the Chronicle, in essence made up a source for its story that did not exist, was received by the Chronicle at 6:40 pm Sept. 1st – a full four days, according to Wikipedia, after the web page had been up and running and was available for viewing and sourcing by anyone.

In perspective:

1      Aug. 13, 2012 Wikipedia page about Ann K, Block is up and running, contributed by Wiki member L8incoub3rt.

2      Attacks to “whitewash” the page by someone using the handle AnnBlock45 begin soon thereafter.

3      August 28, sourcing of page (which was on the Internet for anyone to see) was used in then developing Chronicle news story.

4      August 29, Chronicle story published that used as a source the still up and flying (at that point) Wikipedia page about Ann K. Block of Gold Bar that now, someone claiming to be Block says did not exist. The implication being, the Chronicle must have made up that source.

5      August 31, 2012 at 11:55 pm Wikipedia pulls page down the Anne K. Block Wiki page after vandalism efforts to the page.

6       Sept. 1, 2012 close to 7:00 pm the Chronicle receives email claiming to be from Ann Block from Gold Bar alleging the Wikipedia page article about her did not exist and demands front-page retraction in 7 days.

As of Sept. 1st that site was indeed down, taken down by Wikipedia.

But since the Chronicle story was written on August 28 and published August 29 when the Ann K. Block Wikipedia page was indeed up and running, it means the email writer’s assertion that the, “ Sky Valley Chronicle erroneously reported that there is a Wikipedia site related to me (Anne K. Block), could not possibly be true.

And that is according to Wikipedia’s own internal documents, which include back-end conversations between administrators and contributors about vandalism to the page and other items.


But don't take the Chronicle’s word for it – although we can prove our sourcing of the article and what we wrote was accurate and legitimate - go look at the page for yourself live on the electric Internet

Yes, despite protests to the contrary the Anne K. Block Wikipedia page still exists on the Internet. You too can use it as a source of material should you care to write your own news story.

It appears the writer of the Wikipedia page, the one who launched it on Wikipedia may have discovered early that Wikipedia was going to take it down due to complaints from contributor AnnBlock45 and other reasons, so it appears he or she took the full Anne K. Block Wikipedia page – the one that some people now claim never existed - and posted it in its entirety on the Japanese version of Wikipedia.

In English no less.

As of 2:20 am this date that Ann K, Bock Wikipedia page was alive and well on the Japanese Wikipedia site here:


Paste the above URL into your web browser.

Readers may also find the entire Anne K. Block Wikipedia page that existed on the U.S. Wikipage at Ask.com here

If that link doesn’t work use this to paste into your browser: http://www.ask.com/wiki/Anne_K._Block

The page’s producer appears to be putting that Ann K. Block Wikipedia page up in interesting new locations. God Bless bloggers and the free press.

The Chronicle also has word there is an internal discussion underway at the U.S. Wikipedia about re-launching that first Ann K. Block Wikipedia page. Some people think that taking it down was done in haste and that the world needs that Wiki page about Anne K. Block.

The one that Anne K. Block, or the person sending those 7-day ultimatums to the Chronicle claims never existed.

For an interesting background primer on Ms. Block check here and be sure and read the reader's comments on the story. They’re a hoot.


Update 12:04 pm 9/6/12: According to a Twitter.com timestamp, someone posted the following statement on a Twitter account known to be controlled by Block at 7:54 a.m. 9/6/12 without offering proof or any sourcing of when, where, how or who and without signing this post:

“Gold Bar activist Anne Block receives add. death threats after instigating legal defamation suit against Sky Valley Chronicle.”

A screen shot of the posting is at upper right.

Ms. Block, according to Wikipedia and other published accounts has claimed at least twice in the past that her life has been threatened -- but without offering a shred of proof as to who made such threats, when, where and how.

As far as the Chronicle can determine no one has ever been arrested for making a threat on Ms. Block's life despite the number of times she has claimed such threats and no one, as far as the Chronicle knows, has ever been arrested and charged with a crime of threatening this woman’s life.

The Chronicle now challenges whoever is posting such nonsense allegations to name themselves and come forward with proof of these latest “death threats."

We in turn promise to put a reporter on the case and if there is any evidence that can be found of a credible threat we promise to do all the heavy lifting – no matter how dangerous it could be - to run all the leads down to wherever they end up and if a viable suspect or suspects can be found, we promise to turn over all the investigative notes and any photos and video to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s office so that this deadly assassin(s) might be apprehended and put away where he or she belongs – so that Ms. Block can breath easy once again that a killer, one who had her in his/her crosshairs, will soon be behind bars in prison

Or could it be the more likely explanation, as Occam’s Razor theory would postulate, is that there is someone or some people who simply love to cry wolf for attention and for reasons only they know?

Again, the Chronicle challenges these Gold Bar Reporter posters to bring on the facts of this latest death threat and we’ll do all the heavy lifting to bring the perp to justice.

As Clint Eastwood might say in a poker game, “Time to put up or shut up punk.”

Editor’s Note: the initial posting of this story carried an incorrect date in several places regarding the date the Chronicle story in question was published. It stated the Chronicle story was first printed Sept. 29. This was incorrect. The story was printed August 29, 2012. The dates on this story have been changed to reflect that. We apologize for any confusion.

STORY TAGS: Anne K. Block, cyber stalking, Gold Bar, attorney misconduct, Washington State Bar Association, WSBA, bar disciplinary hearings, misconduct charges against Anne Block, lawyer discipline



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