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Tue, September 18, 2018

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Did Simple Twist Of Fate Save An Everett High School From Becoming A Slaughterhouse?
February 15, 2018

CLICK TO ENLARGE: The 18-year old suspect at his video court hearing Wednesday.
By Rex D. Cain
Chronicle news & opinion

(EVERETT, WA.) – Sometimes living or dying hangs on a slender thread, a tiny twist of fate. Coming down with a bad case of the flu and missing the maiden voyage of a state of the art cruise ship named The Titanic, touted as unsinkable by its builders.

Being a young rock star named Dion DiMucci who, in February 1959 balked at a $36 price tag for a private charter flight in the dead of an Iowa winter during a tour of major rock acts and thus never getting on a plane that crashed a short time later near Clear Lake, Iowa killing every other headliner on the tour including Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson.

Being a local grandma who followed her instincts and instead of telling herself her imagination was getting the best of her by what she was reading, making a call that perhaps saved an Everett high school from turning into a killing ground just like that South Florida high school Wednesday afternoon where 17 lives were snuffed out in a heartbeat.

A slender thread. Call or no call. Get on that charter plane or not. Board The Titanic or stay home. Live or die.

Local authorities are crediting a young man’s grandmother with making a phone call that they say saved a lot of young local lives, more than likely.

She made that call on Tuesday around 9:30 am to report what she said her 18-year old grandson was up to, based on what she’d read in his journal.

The plan, the gun, the grenades

He had plans, she read, to walk into ACES alternative High School in Everett with credible firepower and start murdering on a grand scale, not unlike many other school mass shootings that have now become commonplace in this country.

Commonplace because, evidently, we love guns so much in ‘Merica we’re just numb, dumb and stupefied as a nation to find any answer to all this so we allow the murders to continue unabated as our congressmen and women mouth the same empty words each time a school blood bath happens - “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families,” blah, blah, blah - the gun lobby keeps sending them big checks, they keep getting re-elected, the circle is never broken and the circus rolls on.

We get what we pay for. Capitalism works. Live with it, love it, stop bitching about it. If you want something to change then start voting for people who will make things change.

Police go to grandma’s house in the 10600 block of Holly Drive, read the teen’s journal and go holy Jesus God Almighty this kid is serious.

He wanted to go big time. They find pieces in that journal that say stuff like, according to court documents, “Can't wait to walk into class and blow all those (expletives) away," and "I need to make this shooting/bombing infamous. I need to get the biggest fatality number I possible can."

Prosecutors say the kid had some inert grenades in his bedroom that he was going to fill with black powder for the big boom-booms and he had an AK-47 stuffed into a guitar case.

But, the state of rock being what it is, it’s possible he was gonna string that thing, paint it and use it in a garage band. It’s possible.

The arrest, the knife, the weed, Grandma's house

Erring on the side of caution, the cops arrested the kid at school where they say they found a knife on him and some weed. (They probably would have found weed and all sorts of other dope on half the kids there had they searched them all). They go to grandma’s house with a search warrant and grab the journal, the empty grenades and other “evidentiary items.”

He’s later booked into the Snohomish County Jail on probable cause for attempted murder due to what the cops say was his planning and taking steps toward pulling off a real school shooting.

The kid’s also facing an assault charge for allegedly kicking an officer after he slipped out of one of his handcuffs and tried to escape on Tuesday and police also think the young man used that AK-47 to knock off a convenience store on February 12th because of something he allegedly wrote in his journal about the event.

Note to future criminal suspects: probably not a wise idea to keep a journal of your mental musings regarding mass murder and other such things and if you do, be sure and take a creative writing class as a cover so you can tell the cops, when the day comes, it was all part of your class work. Think ahead.

The kid made an appearance in court Wednesday and had his bail set at $5 million which means he'll stay in the clink unless a movie star or one of the Koch bothers shows up to put up the dough.

His defense attorney noted that the young man has no prior criminal history and that journal stuff can be chalked up to just fantasy ramblings of a young kid, which is possible. Kids dream up some pretty weird stuff these days.

A Mukilteo School District spokesman said this particular teenager was not on their radar screen for something like this.

And ain’t that the way it always is?



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