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Sat, August 18, 2018

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CNN Blows Out Trump Apologist
For Doing That Nazi Thing

August 11, 2017

Jeff Lord image/graphic Courtesy Media Matters For America

The two little Tweety words that cost Jeff Lord his CNN gig.
Chronicle news-opinion-expert analysis
Chronicle staff

(NATIONAL) -- Poor Jeffrey Lord. He found out you just can't do that Nazi thing and not get fired from a sweet, really good money TV deal.

We're talking the kind of sweet deal where all you do is sit in chair and blab on queue an unending stream of well worn, long ago discredited right wing extremist talking points and, as part of the gig continue to defend the indefensible, bizarre, reckless, unqualified and impetuous teenager that sits in the White House tweeting like an idiot at 5 am and ticking off already goofy and unstable North Korean dictators that happen to own nukes.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE UPDATE! Here's the latest idiot tweet from the nation's fearful, weak, insecure Der fuhrer da Donald. It's a brand new (what else?) threat against Kim Jong Rolly-Polly boy over in North Korea via Twitter.

The doofus in the White House, not having the brains God gave a gnat tweets today that America's "military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded" should Rolly-Polly act unwisely.

Well gosh. Why not just call Kimmie boy a gutless punk and dare him to nuke San Francisco? God help us all. Another 3.5 years of this, assuming Trump doesn't get us into a nuclear war that's wipes out civilization. End update

The real question here is not why Lord, 66, got blown out by CNN, but how in God's name could he have been stupid enough to deep-six such a sweet TV deal by doing a Trumpo -- meaning putting his foot voluntarily straight into his mouth, not engaging brain and then pulling the toe trigger blowing whatever tiny amounts of gray matter he had fully onto the wall in a Technicolor splat of "fire and fury" the likes of which the world has never seen?

How could one guy be that stupid? That CNN gig Lord had was the kind of money-from-heaven deal that 99.9% of Americans will never have and never get the opportunity to even apply for.

And all Lord had to do was watch his P's and Q's, don't do anything stupid and he was home safe.

But nooooooooo. He goes and does an OJ (Simpson).

Remember when OJ years ago walked on a double murder charge? All OJ had to do from that point on until he was dead and moldy in his grave was not do anything stupid and he was home free all the way.

And well, you know the rest. OJ's been in prison for years on a different charge and conviction, although he recently got word he's going to be paroled after which he'll be out there on the street vigorously searching for his estranged wife's killer or killers.

Bottom line: it might be a long time before ol' right wing Jeffie finds a sweet paying TV gig like that one.

The down and dirty version

Quick version of events for those of you getting ready for work or going outside to water the plants or just have to go to the bathroom and can't hold it any longer.

Lord, who the New York Times refers to as "the indefatigable defender of President Trump whose advocacy turned him into an unlikely political celebrity," got the ax by CNN Thursday after (what the Times called) "a convoluted Twitter exchange in which he evoked — mockingly, he said — a Nazi salute."

Big Jeff got the news he'd been blown out by telephone while on his way to CNN’s Manhattan studio in a CNN provided town car. Ouch. That's gotta hurt. The old telephone sacking trick.

One wonders, did the CNN voice on the other end of that phone conversation use a phrase Donald Trump made popular on the TeeVee: "You're fired stupid!"

Props to CNN though. They didn't stop the car and make him get out and walk and, you know, they could have done that.

So here's a new CNN promo tag line compliments of The Chronicle: "CNN. The network with a big heart."

At any rate, Jeff recently accused the head honcho over at the lefty "watchdog" website Media Matters of emulating fascists for calling for sponsors to boycott the idiot right wing extremist talkie-walkie Sean "The Goofball" Hannity over at Fox "Fixed" News.

Hannity is not known in real news circles (which means places outside of Fox Fixed News) as having any credibility whatsoever. If it wasn't for Fox "Fixed" News goofs like Hannity would be flipping burgers in Bumptulips, Alabama.

So, when that lefty honcho Angelo Carusone responded on Thursday on the tweet-tweet Twitter, Big Jeff posted the two short words that cost him his sweet CNN TV deal:

"Sieg Heil!"

You know, that Nazi salute thing. Big Jeff said it was meant to mock Carusone’s behavior. Ah, but that one no fly no way, no how.

CNN decided that for decent, Christian family viewing on the "World's Most Trusted News Network," it couldn't have no Trumpodial Nazi stuff even remotely swirling around one of its fine (if stupid) commentators.

Ergo, goodbye Jeff.

If you need a new gig Big J, we hear Walmart is always hiring.



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