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Thu, August 16, 2018

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Big Brother's Comin' For You Bro
Trump admin lawyers demand private account info on Facebook users

September 29, 2017

Chronicle news & opinion
Chronicle staff

(NATIONAL) -- Listen, you weren't dumb enough to actually believe in that freedom-of-speech in America myth were you?

Seriously, tell us you weren't gullible enough to actually assume you could publicly criticize Der fearless fuhrer da Donald's administration and not have the federal Gestapo come after you at some point.

Oh. You were that gullible? Well, just so you'll know for the future Spunky, that whole freedom of speech nonsense is only in play when outfits like the Democrats are in power. Sometimes, at least.

For some goofy reason those limp-wristed Democratic party dunces give a rip about those quaint notions of free speech, free assembly and the like.

That's probably one of the reasons those pointy-headed fools are no longer in power: they're too soft, too weak, too namby pamby about things like your rights under the US Constitution.

Those goofs just don't know that when you're in power it's not about serving the people, it's about getting even with your critics; those who aren't on board the glory train. Being in power is about coming down hard on those who aren't buying into the "Lets make America great again," program.

Well, stand by for more greatness from the incompetent, vindictive Republican administration that's left Americans in Puerto Rico to die like dogs in a filthy, decimated moonscape of abject misery and deprivation in order to provide ample time and space to go after black football players with lies about them disrespecting "the flag."

Here comes the fun loving Trumpo Gestapo

Trump administration lawyers are now demanding (not requesting) "the private account information of potentially thousands of Facebook users in three separate search warrants served on the social media giant," according to court documents obtained by CNN.

And here's the best part: according to CNN those warrants specifically target the accounts of three Facebook users who are described by their attorneys as "anti-administration activists who have spoken out at organized events, and who are generally very critical of this administration's policies."

Is this a great country or what? And it'll be even greater once we put those critical-of-Trump Facebook users in some rat-infested gulag where they can ponder on their sins with a diet of bread and water for a few months.

You don't wanna go too soft on these un-American commie pinko bed-wetter liberal socialists. You wanna grind em' hard. Make the punks think twice before they ever criticize a Republican administration again.

CNN says one of those Facebook users, name of Emmelia Talarico, operated the disruptj20 page "where Inauguration Day protests were organized and discussed."

God forbid. They were actually gonna get in the street and protest? Well, these are very dangerous people after all. Make no mistake about it.

CNN says that page was visited by an estimated 6,000 users "whose identities the government would have access to if Facebook hands over the information sought in the search warrants."

See? We told you at the start of this thing you were a fool to believe in that free speech nonsense. Grow up dude.

From that CNN report:

.......In court filings, Talarico says if her account information was given to the government, officials would have access to her "personal passwords, security questions and answers, and credit card information," plus "the private lists of invitees and attendees to multiple political events sponsored by the page."

.......as of late Thursday, "Facebook has not responded to a request for comment about whether it has, or plans to, comply with the search warrants."

.......the American Civil Liberties Union, representing the three Facebook users, filed a motion to quash the warrants Thursday.

....... ACLU attorney Scott Michelman told CNN, "What is particularly chilling about these warrants is that anti-administration political activists are going to have their political associations and views scrutinized by the very administration they are protesting."

Welcome to Putin's Russia. America has now officially vanished in the haze. That experiment in democracy is dead and gone. Could it be long before "opposition figures" are getting whacked in public by guys with guns on motorcycles?

But then, this is what you voted for right? You wanted to blow up the system right? You wanted radical "change" right?


By all means DO read that CNN story here .

Story tags: Facebook, ACLU, Trump, Gestapo, Big Brother, Puerto Rico, free speech, freedom of assembly, US constitution, Democratic party, Republican, CNN, Emmelia Talarico, disruptj20, American Civil Liberties Union



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