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Wed, June 20, 2018

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Snohomish Co. Dep't of
Emergency Management

Cc: Snohomish Co. Prosecutor Mark Roe
Cc: Snohomish Co. Sheriff John Lovick

May 08, 2013


Dear Mr. Pennington,

As you are aware sir not one single soul associated in any way with the Sky Valley Chronicle, at least to our knowledge, has ever met you. No one with the Chronicle would even recognize you if you passed any of them on the street.

We doubt that even one of our attorneys - a guy we affectionately call "Mad Dog," but never to his face - who knows a lot of people in the area has ever met you or would recognize you passing by on a street.

And as you most certainly know you have never in the past written, and do not now write or "blog" anything for the Sky Valley Chronicle.

Although after you are done reading this, we'd love it if you would pen and Op Ed piece for the Chronicle.

We are writing this open letter sir for two reasons.

One reason has to do with what one of our people found on the Internet the other night on an Internet site owned and controlled (last time we checked) by a Gold Bar woman named Anne Block -- a woman you are very familiar with.

Please click on the icon at above right. It is a partial screen shot of what we found posted.

We have not included the rest of the foul, hate filled diatribe because it is a rehash of attacks that have been made against you and your family - designed to hurt you and your family - for years.

Now, it may be that you could be guilty of throttling the Easter Bunny and other high crimes we are unaware of, but what we are aware of are a number of ugly lies, distortions of truth and partial truths intended to look like truth.

That screen shot explains our need to include paragraphs one through four above.

We wish to make it perfectly clear that this Block woman - and/or whoever she is allowing to write things on her low rent internet location which uses, at last check, Homestead/Intuit software to generate the pages of her site and a COMCAST Internet connection to generate all this hate speech across the vast reaches of Internet space - is lying now and has lied over and over in the past about any writing status she claims you have with the Chronicle or any "relationship" you have or have had with the Chronicle (which is none).

And we've stopped counting all the other lies, distortions of truth and half truths that have been printed about you and many others.

Re: Comcast and Homestead/Intuit website builder

At a later date we'll have something to say to the people at COMCAST and Homestead/Intuit website builder, part of which will be questions such as, "What in God's name are you people doing allowing this person and/or others access to your facilities to sit there and produce day in and day out foul and unending hate speech and attacks that are in perpetual and gross violation of your own terms of service?"

Does COMCAST and Homestead/Intuit encourage this activity? Do they like it? Do they support this kind of activity? Do they have any clue as to what this activity is doing to families in this area? Are they blind?

It is a fact of life that without an internet connection this woman is a flat-out nobody. Without a connection no one would have a clue about her. Without a connection she does not exist in this world.

For our money we no longer buy any products or services that COMCAST and Homestead/Intuit sells as we will not support companies that have anything to do with the volumes of hate speech and lies that have been spewed over the Internet through emails and Internet sites and into this community damaging good people and good families for far too long. Perhaps other people, people who care about kids and families will follow our lead.

People we have interviewed in the Sky Valley community who say they have been targets of Block's constant cyber attacks (curiously Block does not appear to have the courage to do any of this stuff in person with anyone) including a number of Gold Bar's current and past city officials have said the same thing to us in different ways over and over when we talk to them: chiefly that this Block woman appears to them for all the world to be nothing more or less than a hate filled, twisted, evil-to-core chronic liar - despite her hollow claims to be a "free speech" queen - who dumps her steaming pounds of foul hate speech onto the Internet day after day, year after year simply to hurt people because she can and because she enjoys doing it.


They speak of long running campaigns of vile and ugly lies and hate speech that seem clearly and carefully designed to keep the targets of such hate speech in a constant state of fear, anxiety and apprehension in direct and flagrant violations of both RCW 9.61.260 and RCW 9a.46.110.

To keep such targets held hostage in a never ending psychological reign of terror which as you know can be the most damaging type of assault there is.

To swamp entire families in an atmosphere of never ending fear and intimidation in order to do the most psychological damage possible and the most damage possible to a person's good name, reputation, or business, current employment status and prospects for future employment.

Check with Lon Turner and Chris Wright on that issue.

Based upon our interviews and research, we have found all this to be true beyond reasonable doubt and we defy anyone who examines the entire body of hate speech attributed to this woman and her underlings to come up with a different conclusion.

Block and the two underlings who appear to serve her needs, women who have been identified time and time again as serving right by her side as Joan Amenn of Gold Bar, WA (last time we checked) and Susan Forbes of Gold Bar (last time we checked) have done, according to Gold Bar mayor Joe Beavers and others, more damage to the Gold Bar community than a freight train on fire loaded with nerve gas and headed straight for the front door of city hall.

According to Mayor Beavers these three people are, for all practical purposes, responsible for nearly bankrupting the city of Gold Bar through numerous nuisance public records requests and nuisance lawsuits almost all of which Block has either lost or withdrawn.

The last time we checked Block still owed the city of Gold Bar, and had not paid a dime on, some $8,700 or so in a court judgment handed down against her in connection with one of these nonsense nuisance legal claims. Perhaps it is high time the city began serious collection efforts.

One man we interviewed in the community says he was falsely accused of being a member of the white supremacist Aryan Nations Brotherhood on an Internet site owned and controlled by Block.

He was fearful (and may still be fearful for all we know) that some nut case might read that, take it to be true and then come burn his house down or in some other way harm him and his family.

He went to court to get a restraining order against Block to protect his family and to have Block leave him alone, to stop contacting and harassing him vial emails. The district judge turned him down. Your tax dollars at work.

He had to go and buy video cameras to do 24/7 sweeps of both the front and back of his house due to the level of fear generated by a cyber campaign he says - and the evidence supports as far as we can see - was designed to induce terror.

We don't blame the guy for buying the cameras.

All the people we have talked with who say they have been targeted for cyber stalking allegedly by Block and her pals for years tell us the same thing over and over in different words: Block, in their view is a textbook sociopath (or psychopath if you prefer) or simply "bat sh-t crazy" as one man says, who has taken up cyber stalking because she likes it, it is easy for her to do from her dining room table and it is beyond these folks who have been victimized why the criminal justice system has failed the community in doing nothing about what they, and your family have experienced as a long running campaign of terror.

Time and time again we have heard, "Why doesn't the law protect us from this?"

We suspect you may have said the same thing at one point.

Secondly sir we are writing this letter to you because we and many others in the Snohomish County community believe that what has happened to you and your family and what has happened to many other families over the past six years has got to stop.

This simply must come to an end.

This savagery to families, including the targeting of minor children by fictitious email senders named "Michael Broaks" in order to harm parents, this savagery to families fueled by an Internet connection and software provided by Comcast and Homestead/Intuit must end.

This savagery to families thanks to a poorly worded Washington State Public Records Act that actually encourages abuse and that is now being wielded as a razor-sharp weapon for this slick, sick new brand of domestic terrorism must come to an end.

In a civilized society decent Americans do not allow this to be done to families. Families with children.

We consider what as happened to you and many others to be nothing less than an acute form of domestic terrorism and that the justice system has let you and your family and other families in the community down by not going after such people and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law.

Yet when some half baked, wet-behind-the-ears low level aid in Aaron Reardon's office allegedly does public records searches that target Mark Roe and a few others at city hall - just searches mind you, no years and years of hate speech, cyber stalking, vicious attacks and long running campaigns designed to induce constant fear - well by God then it's an emergency to be dealt with.

Then the powers that be cannot move fast enough to launch a full investigation to get to the bottom of the dastardly deed.

Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

Does the law have a top and a bottom? Do those at the top get "special" protection?

The failure of the system to help you and your family sir is tragic but it can be rectified.

You can be the catalyst to make that happen. And now you have an entire community of people on your side in an effort to bring this long nightmare to an end.

Before you were alone. Now a community of people, including those at this newspaper, stands with you, your wife and kids and every other victim of this brand of domestic terrorism.

And we feel you are correct sir in expressing fears for the safety of you and your family. Do a bit of research on this subject as we have.

It should send chills up and down your spine as to how fast people who are targets of what had been a non-violent cyber stalker can end up dead or seriously injured (or they commit suicide).

The literature is full of cases where a non-violent stalker was non-violent for a very long time right up until the moment they decided to become extremely violent and murder their victim or victims.

We hope some responsible executive at Comcast and Homestead/Intuit is reading this and understands what may be at stake here.

So we have a suggestion Mr. Pennington.

Why not have your attorney assemble and put into perfect order - so that it's a clear, no-brainer for whoever cracks it open - the volumes of evidence you most certainly have collected over the years along with new evidence about what has happened to you and your family in the last couple of years.

In essence, prepare a new criminal complaint to file that is updated with new information.

And should you need some extra fuel in the form of amicum querens briefs, we know MANY people in the community, including at one newspaper, who would be more than happy to write those for you to add to your new evidence stream and complaint.

And by the way please include a copy of this letter in the new complaint.

Then set up a meeting. This is very important. Do not miss this step..

Set up a meeting between you, your attorney and Sheriff John Lovick and Prosecutor Mark Rowe.

At the meeting have your attorney lay out a summary of the evidence and the complaint and have him explain to Roe and Lovick in that terrific legal/criminal justice lingo - which both Roe and Lovick can relate to - as to WHY this NEW criminal complaint with NEW information needs to be investigated and then prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and WHY it is extremely important to the broader community as well.

This is also important. Unless you have evidence to indicate otherwise, make sure your attorney lets both men know you have no evidence that any of this cyber stalking activity is coming from across state lines.

That as far as you know it is all originating here in Snohomish County, if indeed that is what you suspect and the evidence supports. We have seen no evidence it is coming from across state lines.

We feel that your main tactical error in previous efforts to defend your family were due to these two critical steps being missed.

In fact, should you need people in the community to be in that meeting to have you and your lawyer's back - people who have been through what you have been through and are still going through it - they will be there. We'll bring them in on a big bus if need be.

We can guarantee you that.

You and your family are not alone any more. A community has had enough and wants this stopped and they want perps in jail.

And you probably know as well as we do sir that a second year law student with the six or seven year trail of readily available evidence that exists for anyone to grab hold of and use, not to mention witnesses that are chomping at the bit to testify, could bang out convictions on both RCW 9.61.260 and RCW 9a.46.110 while playing a game of tennis and washing her car at the same time.

We think you also know, as do we, that as soon as the underlings have a subpoena served on their ISP's and records start to be reviewed and they are forced to start answering some hard questions - not to mention the thought of possibly coughing up $25,000 or so for a defense attorney at some point - these folks are going to fold like a cheap suit and drop dime on the big fish faster than one can say hate speech.

They'll sing like canaries. It'll be Sammy The Bull dropping dime on big John Gotti all over again. And you know where Gotti went.

Our guess is they or their husbands have already figured out they were set up to take the fall on all this when the ka-ka hit the fan and dropping dime won't be any stretch.

One final thing sir.

You may obtain some level of satisfaction in knowing that your newly presented criminal complaint will be the first of more to come.

As we mentioned, you are no longer alone in this fight.

We are aware of a number of people in the community who are in the process of preparing their own criminal complaints to file against Ms. Block.

They have had enough. They now expect the justice system to swing into action.

Those complaints will in turn, we suspect, be the basis of new and much more evidence intensive complaints to the Washington State Bar Association.

We do hope you seize this moment sir, seize this opportunity to engage Mark Roe and John Lovick in a new, re-focused, re-energized manner in order to start the process of bringing this long community nightmare to an end.

We think you must realize by now that this nightmare for your family and other families will never end unless such steps are taken.

We have heard the voices, and the pain in those voices, of many in the community who feel it is long past the time for some folks to do the perp walk down at the courthouse in front of TV cameras and then be carted off to jail.


Interested observers at the Chronicle who have never met you

P.S. A couple different people worked on this letter. The reason we have not allowed them to sign it is....well... you and your family and Chris Wright and Lon Turner and Dorothy Croshaw and many others know what would happen if they did and we want these folks to be able to live normal, happy lives. :)

TAGS: cyber stalking, Anne Block, Susan Forbes, Joan Ammen, Gold Bar WA, Comcast, Homestead/Intuit, RCW 9.61.260, RCW 9a.46.110.



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