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Sat, August 18, 2018

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Well, well. State lawmakers get hosed by their own poorly written Public Records Act
January 20, 2018

Chronicle opinion

Chronicle opinion     

(OLYMPIA, WA.)  --  Go ahead. Ask us if we care a wit that Washington State lawmakers have just been, according to a judge's ruling, punched in the belly by their own poorly written, out of control, license to stalk & abuse women and kids (not to mention rip off taxpayers) Washington State Public Records Act.     

The dummies. We told them long ago to scrap that horrible law and start over -- only this time NOT let lobbyists for the big dead tree newspapers write the damn thing like they did in the 1970's.  

Too bad lawmaker boys. Now you gotta live with it like the "little people" do.       

The law they created that has, in fact, been used and abused in our state for decades (including by newspapers because it was so poorly written and conceived) has now come home to roost.  

A Thurston County judge ruled Friday that Washington state lawmakers are themselves subject to the state’s ugly Public Records Act. The ruling came in a lawsuit filed by newsies. That's shorthand news business jive for news organizations like newspapers, magazines, TV networks, news websites, circus clowns that pretend to be journalists, etc.

The newsies, ten in all including the Disassociated Press, filed a suit claiming lawmakers were violating the pure as driven snow PRA by withholding certain records connected to their lawmaking business. Things like emails, calendars, text messages, Internet porn they download into their smartphones, etc.

Hey, the porn thing could happen you have to admit...now that we know after decades of public scandals what some of these twisted  politicians (a certain former US President comes to mind) have been up to.

The legislators had claimed those types of records were exempt from the law.

Judge Chris Lanese begged to disagree on that and rejected all the arguments the lawmaker's attorneys laid out and ruled that the "defendants" had violated Washington's very lousy Public Records Act by refusing to turn over such records that had been requested by the newsies.

That would include some newsies who had themselves abused the public records act to transfer money from YOUR POCKETS into theirs.
 However, it ain't over till it's over. The lawmakers can still appeal and may do so but the smart money says it won't do them a lick of good.

From here on out they're gonna have to lead lives like cloistered nuns lest they get rolled in a dark alley some night by blood-thirsty, bug-eyed mad men newsies legally going though their smartphone records to find all those visits to Pornhub.      


BTW, one of the latest assaults on you the taxpayer who continues to pay and pay for this public records act obscenity is this: the Wash. State Patrol selling your information to ambulance chasing lawyers, chiropractors and to potential psychotic stalkers.

The Inlander , an urban weekly based in Spokane, published a story last year that explains yet another assault on state residents thanks to this bad legislation.

Here's how the piece explains it:

"You're in a terrible car accident. You're injured, maybe badly. The cops arrive, swipe your driver's license to get state Department of Licensing data, then upload that information into the Washington State Patrol database.

The next day, someone from an attorney or chiropractor's office logs onto the Washington State Patrol website and buys more than a dozen accident records — including yours.

They use your name, your address and your accident details to send you an advertisement in the mail. It outlines exactly what happened to you. For a price, the mailer explains, you can get help."

Well isn't that just swell? That law now makes you a target to every ambulance chaser and any weirdo in the state who wants access to you because you got into an accident.

Oh. And did you know that Public Records Acts are also being used to pry into the medical histories of women who've had abortions?  You'll find that info here .

That story is right up there with Wash. State legislators, when they passed this pathetic law, exempting themselves from abuses of the law because they knew that would eventually happen.

You'll find that information here .

Your tax dollars at work.      



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