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Sat, September 22, 2018

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The Auto Theft Suspect With Super Human Strength
Two Des Moines police officers rumble with Superman and get hurt

March 15, 2018

By Rex D. Cain

(DES MOINES, WA.) -- Sometimes in the course of human events, police officers run across a criminal suspect under the influence of certain drugs or drugs and alcohol that seem to give that suspect the strength and stamina of Superman.

Police agencies around the country have their share of tales of a perp in the throes of a heavy meth high that nothing would take down -- not fists, nightsticks,Tasers, pepper spray or sometimes even a chest full of .40 caliber Speer Gold Dot high-speed hollow points.

A hopped up meth addict in the throes of a major three-day high can be a formidable and dangerous opponent. You do not want to go mano a mano with such a guy.

The officer that eventually runs into such a person in the course of a day's work can find himself or herself in a dangerous and scary situation.

Case in point: last Saturday March 10th at about 9:25 pm Des Moines, Washington police officers were dispatched to a report of an auto theft in progress at the Pacific Ridge Apartments located at 22855 30th Avenue South.

Des Moines is a city of 29,000 in King County here in Washington state. It's located on the east shore of Puget Sound halfway between Seattle and Tacoma and bordered by the suburbs of Federal Way to the south, Kent to the east, SeaTac to the northeast, Burien to the north and Normandy Park to the northwest.

The two Des Moines cops show up at the address and locate the suspect only this guy, they say, refused to "comply with the officer’s verbal commands" and "de-escalation techniques were not successful," according to a statement from Des Moines Police.

The Rumble In The Jungle

That's when things got very dicey. The department's statement says when the officers tried to arrest the guy, "He violently attacked them," and the rumble in the jungle was on.

The suspect "was punching and kicking the officers and did not comply with the officer’s commands to stop resisting arrest. The officers attempted to use several different defensive tactics maneuvers to control the suspect. None of the maneuvers were successful," said the cop shop statement.

The officers used pepper spray on the guy, a Taser and police batons in their attempt to subdue and arrest him and nothing was working. Zero success. (It is interesting to note that a blast of pepper spray in the face at close quarters is nasty stuff...been known to stop pit bulls during full-on attacks.)

So the two officers are struggling away trying to subdue Superman (probably thinking to themselves, "What the hell is this guy on?") and this dance goes on for several minutes until they realize they're starting to get tired as in...exhausted.

They use everything they've got in the toolbox short of deadly force trying to get this guy subdued and in custody and nothing's working.

Finally the officers get on the radio and request a Code 3 response. An officer only requests a Code 3 when the officer feels at risk of "being seriously injured or killed."

When an officer requests a Code 3, that request is distributed to every law enforcement agency in the area and that means every gendarme that can respond, will respond.

So in this case officers from Kent, Tukwila, Federal Way, Auburn, Renton, Normandy Park, King County and the Washington State Patrol showed up.

It was like a police convention by the time they all got there. Most of those agencies sent five or more officers to assist. They finally get the perp under control and under arrest. Turns out he's all of 24-years old with a last known address in SeaTac, Washington.

He was injured during the take down and was treated for "minor injuries" at a local hospital. In perhaps an understatement the Des Moines police statement about the rumble said, "We believe the suspect was under the influence of an assortment of illegal drugs.'

And what of those two officers that initially responded and met up with Superman? They were injured "during what turned out to be a fight for their lives," says the police statement. Both officers were treated and released from a local hospital that night.

"We hope one of the officers will be able to return to full duty later this week. The other officer will be off work for two weeks or more," said the statement.

There is a point to this story, perhaps more than one. This one will do for the moment: Dealing with hopped up dopers with bugged-out eyes who feel no pain and can go ten hard rounds at the drop of a hat can be a dangerous, dangerous piece of business.



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