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Sat, August 18, 2018

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The Secret:
That purportedly ties Putin, Russian election interference, Brexit, Facebook, Donald Trump and more together

July 20, 2018

Chronicle news & opinion

(INTERNATIONAL) – We’ll tell you right now, we believe this is a story you must familiarize yourself with and understand in order to comprehend the magnitude and seriousness of the global threat that currently exists not only to American Democracy but to democratic institutions around the world.

This material is serious as a heart attack and you need to go to school on this. Trust us, please.

Once you understand what has been going on for some time now, you may become angry as hell at the Republican lawmakers who are and have been all along, willing enablers of President Donald Trump and his administration.

You may also be angry at the news media for not giving this story the prominence it deserves in order to wake up not only Americans, but millions of other citizens in other democratic nations who have been affected and will be affected by the secret ties that bind.

The ones that reportedly bind together Russian aggression, Russian money, Russian influence, Russian oligarchs, Russian hacking and other interference in elections, Vladimir Putin, the Brexit movement in England, Cambridge Analytica (and it’s billionaire creator who supported and contributed to Donald Trump’s campaign) Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, Trump’s Presidential campaign, a global movement by far-right interests to attack and undermine national democracies (and the elected lawmakers who support those democracies) and a shadowy figure in England with lots of money and a Russian wife.

The reporter and what she discovered

Carole Cadwalladr is the reporter for the British newspaper The Guardian whose investigation into Cambridge Analytica's role in Brexit (the move to get Britain to “exit” the European Union) eventually led her to some fascinating Russian connections and eventually to the Donald Trump Presidential campaign.

Remember that path: Cambridge Analytica >> to Facebook >> to the Brexit campaign >> to the Russians (and Putin) >> to the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

Last night on America’s National Public Radio, Terry Gross, host of the interview show “Fresh Air” (broadcast from WHYY Radio in Philadelphia) talked with Cadwalladr at length about what she found out and how.

The content of that interview should set you back on your heels and cause you to view President Trump’s now well-known meek, subservient attitude toward Vladimir Putin in Helsinki – indeed, his constant fawning over and placating of Putin as well as Trump’s campaign for President - in a blazing bright new light.

Listen to the interview

You can listen to Gross’s interview RIGHT HERE or read a transcript of the interview on the same web page. We recommend you listen to the entire interview and then scan the transcript to fill in any blanks.

Once you understand this story, you will understand the seriousness of Russian attacks on democracies around the world and in particular America.

You may also come to understand why Donald Trump seems to be far more comfortable with (and subservient to) dictatorial rulers like Putin than he does with our own allies or with the people in his own intelligence services – his own country men and women.

We believe far more revelations about this story will be brought to the light of day once Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference into America's last Presidential election is completed and his team’s report published.

We consider this story one of the most important in the past century and one that few people in this country (or around the world) understand because of the heretofore piece-meal reporting on it with little in the way of context about the larger picture.

With the Terry Gross interview and the transcript of that chat, all that has changed.



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