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Mon, September 24, 2018

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The Facts:
Trump’s bragging about hiring only “the best” turns out to be more hot air & “swamp” gas

August 13, 2018

Chronicle Opinion
by Rex D. Cain

(NATIONAL) – How many times on the campaign trail did you hear Der fearless fuhrer Donald Trump, pumped up to nitro levels on his legendary shuck & jive promoter fuel, say if elected he’d hire only “the best” people and drain that ugly DC “swamp” of incompetent, self-dealing, nasty swamp critters?

Well, like all of Trump’s other bloated claims which have so far tuned out to be nothing more than Trump’s patented New York rich boy BS – truly world class BS on an industrial scale – that claim too has turned out to be another shuck and jive sucker’s buy into the utter nonsense that this con man from Queens was some grand, competent genius of a businessman who knew what he was doing.

God almighty. Even Mitt Romney – another rich boy empty suit – had it right when he called Trump out publicly as a con man.

CNN is one of Trump’s most hated news outlets. Reason being: CNN does factual news that Trump hates because those stories show Trump for what he really is.

And if there is anything that Trump hates, it’s a news outlet that points out who the “man behind the curtain” really is (as in the Wizard Of Oz, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”).

But thank God for CNN. Without CNN and a few other dogged, legit news sources this incompetent abject failure and disaster as a President would get away with many of his lies, untruths, partial truths, made up non-truths and nothing but the non-truth so help us God, your honor.

For a dose of reality go check this report from CNN titled “The utter collapse of Donald Trump's 'best people' boast.”

It’s an analysis piece by Chris Cillizza, the network’s Editor at Large and it’s a doozy. Here’s a few condensed gems:

~ The first 18 months of his presidency “have repeatedly revealed the fallacy” of that hire-only-the-best pledge as a tidal wave of Trump's Cabinet and senior staff have gone-girl-gone (often under suspicious circumstances) even as the Great Donald himself “railed against the ineptitude of people who still work for him.”

~ Trump is so incompetent that he relies “almost totally on his gut in the hiring process.” In this day and age that is a prescription for disaster -- which is what we have now in the White House running the country as though he were still running his long gone “reality” (which means a country mile from real reality) TV show.

~ Already, 57% of Trump's "A Team" staffers (“only the best!”) have left the White House in just Trump's first year and a half. That almost equals the turnover among top staffers for the entire first terms of Barack Obama (71% turnover), George W. Bush (63%), Bill Clinton (74%) and George H.W. Bush (66%).

~ Look at the number’s for Trump’s Cabinet secretaries alone. He's already seen seven Cabinet officials -- three in his first year, four in his second -- leave in his first 18 months in office. Obama had zero Cabinet departures in his first year and four in his second. George W. Bush lost only four Cabinet members in the entirety of his first four years. Translation: Trump’s a disaster at the hiring process.

~ And those Cabinet office numbers may “underestimate the chaos of Trump's Cabinet. His second pick to be the Secretary of Veterans Affairs -- White House physician Ronny Jackson -- was forced to withdraw after a series of negative stories about his conduct on the job emerged. Trump has clashed with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen over border security. He has reportedly derided Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross as "past his prime" in meetings.”

And there’s more. Be sure and read that CNN piece for yet another dose of reality regarding the incompetency and abject failure of Trump as CEO of this country.



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