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Sun, July 22, 2018

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Republicans Warn Trump: Back Off Special
Counsel Mueller
Why does POTUS seem so concerned about what probe will uncover?

March 19, 2018

President Donald Trump: he keeps going after Mueller as if he had sometthing to hide.ll in the dumpster.
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(NATIONAL) -- One of the many things that perplexes observers of the Donald Trump administration is, if the President has done nothing wrong, if he has broken no laws, if there is "no collusion" with the Russians - as he keeps repeating over and over to anyone who'll listen - then why on earth does he seem so intent on shutting down special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference into the Presidential election that saw Trump placed in the oval office?

Mr. Trump, through his consistent-in-tone actions and words, Tweets and comments to the media seems overly concerned, even nervous and frightened perhaps, about Mueller's probe and even though Mueller is a well respected Republican, keeps referring to the investigation as some "witch hunt" that is being pushed forward by Democrats.

That notion is patently ludicrous. The only people who are buying into that thought are the shills and sycophants over at the zero credibility right-wing Fox "Fixed" News operation and Trump's hard-core supporters, the "Trumpets." Trump doth protest too much, to quote a lightly altered line from the Shakspeare play Hamlet.

In fact, if this were a homicide investigation detectives would be honing in on Trump like moths to a flame precisely because his actions are not those of an innocent man.

They are consistently the actions of a man who has something to hide and wants detectives off the case, as in yesterday.

Trump should be welcoming this probe

The talking heads on CNN and elsewhere keep asking the same obvious question about all this: if the President has done no wrong, he should be welcoming the Mueller probe with open arms to prove to the American people he is innocent of any wrongdoing.

Now, Trump's troubling comments about the probe and Trump's lawyer's comments about it, have prompted fellow Republicans to warn him against interfering in Mueller's investigation.

The warning comes after Trump tweets during the weekend where (yet again) Trump said that there had been "no collusion" between his team and Russia and called the probe a "witch hunt" that was dominated by "hardened Democrats".

The president's comments also follow by one day his lawyer, John Dowd, saying it was time for the special counsel's investigation to end. At first Dowd said he was speaking for the president but later clarified he was "speaking for myself".

The strange thing about Dowd's comment

But if his client has done no wrong, why would Dowd say such a thing? There would be no need for Dowd to say that. Indeed, what he should be saying if he is confident his client has done no wrong is, "We welcome the investigation. The American people need to know their President has done nothing wrong and we are confident that the Mueller probe will prove that."

Republican Senator Jeff Flake, a Trump critic said it appeared the president's latest comments seemed to be laying the groundwork for firing Mueller."I don't know what the designs are on Mueller, but it seems to be building toward that, and I just hope it doesn't go there...we can't in Congress accept that," Flake told told CNN. "I'm just puzzled by why the White House is going so hard at this, other than that they're very afraid of what might come out."

Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer also accused Mr Trump of "floating trial balloons about derailing" the probe adding, "Our Republican colleagues, particularly the leadership, have an obligation to our country to stand up now and make it clear that firing Mueller is a red line for our democracy that cannot be crossed," in a statement.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said Mueller ought to be allowed to proceed without interference and added that many Republicans shared his view. He warned Trump against any attempt to fire Mueller. "If he tried to do that, that would be the beginning of the end of his presidency, because we're a rule of law nation," Graham said.

One reporter thinks a "showdown" is looming

Anthony Zurcher, a North America reporter for the BBC believes a "showdown is coming" with respect to the Mueller investigation and President Trump.

He thinks one reason Trump "ratcheted up the rhetoric directed toward Mr Mueller" over the weekend could be because, "Mr. Trump is on edge following reports that Mr Mueller is now looking into the Trump Organization's business dealings with Russia."

From a Zurcher report published today by the BBC:

"Whatever the reason, the president spent the weekend swinging at "hardened Democrats" on Mr Mueller's team and "sanctimonious" former FBI director James Comey, and celebrating Mr McCabe's unceremonious exit.

And so the president's strategy comes into shape. Paint his critics and investigators as anti-Trump, deep-state establishment forces and the entire inquiry as based on a biased and corrupt premise. The next step would be to claim any evidence of wrongdoing unearthed by Mr Mueller is irretrievably tainted.

That, of course, isn't much of a legal defense. In a war for public opinion, however, it's a place where his side could dig in."



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