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Sat, September 22, 2018

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Wash. State Patrol & Clarkston, WA police re-open 30-year old homicide case involving young girl
March 08, 2018

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Murder victim Toni Ann Teddar, 18, of Clarkston, WA
Chronicle Staff

(CLARKSTON, WA.) – Clarkston is a small, rural community in Washington state of just 7200 people.

It’s located in Asotin County in eastern Washington and is actually part of the Lewiston, Idaho metropolitan area, being located just west of Lewiston across the Snake River.

Being a small, quiet town not much serious crime happens in a place like Clarkston. Thus it was in 1990 the small community was shocked and horrified by the murder of a young girl in her home.

Toni Ann Teddar was 18-years old at the time of her death that year. Her life ended at 5 am on Saturday July 28, 1990 while sleeping on the couch at her family home in the 500 block of 7th Street.

Someone ended her life with a wooden handled, six-inch bladed fillet type knife. It was found at the scene and is believed by police to be the murder weapon. Clarkston Police say, “There were other people in the home” at the time” of Toni’s murder.

News reports in the area at the time said Toni’s parents, three sisters and a brother-in-law were home at the time of her murder.

In a recent news release, Clarkston Police said that over the years, “Numerous interviews have been conducted and leads followed,” but never enough proof has been put together to make an arrest.

An October 25, 1994 report in the Lewiston Tribune said that Toni was “stabbed through the heart” and that “one of her sisters saw the suspect.”

At that time Toni’s family was trying to convince the city to spend the $2,500 it would take to get a nationally known forensic artist to draw a sketch of the suspect based on the recollection of the man Toni’s sister saw.

Now, the Washington State Patrol Cold Case Unit is working together with Clarkston Police officers to solve this case and bring Toni’s killer to justice.

If you have any information that would be helpful to the probe you’re asked to contact Clarkston Police at 509-758-1680 or contact WSP Detective Sgt. Stacy Moate at Stacy.Moate@WSP.WA.GOV or CPD Detective Sgt. Bryon Denny at bdenny@clarkstonpolice.org.

Family lived in Tacoma prior to moving to Clarkston

According to a funeral notice published in the Lewiston Tribune, before moving with her family to Clarkston in 1983, Toni and her family lived in Tacoma, Washington as well as in Germany, at Fort Ord, Calif., and at Orofino, following her father's work in the U.S. Air Force.

Toni was active in her school’s drill team, track and cross country, a choir group and band.

An August 1, 1990 article in the same newspaper said Clarkston police “continued Tuesday their investigation into the death of a Clarkston teenager Saturday but do not have any definite suspects.”

''We don't have anything we can point our finger at now,'' said Clarkston Police Chief Michael J. Erp.

The story noted that Erp said, “He has heard some of the numerous rumors floating around the community, but investigators don't have time to respond to them because they are busy dealing with the facts of the case.”

A Nov. 18, 1994 report by the same newspaper said police at that time were pursuing ''substantial leads'' in Teddar’s murder and that they have “unidentified fingerprints and other evidence that might link a suspect with the scene.”

''There is a potential for the family to be in danger because of this new development,'' police Sgt. Ronald M. Roberts said at the time. ''But the family and the police are taking extra precautions,” said the report.

The story also noted that the Teddar case files had been in temporary storage since 1993, when the police stopped receiving substantial leads. “Now the files are sitting in Roberts' office and he's spending most of his time on the case,” said the report.



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