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Thu, September 20, 2018

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Shoplifters, dopeheads, thieves, drunk drivers,other bad behavior

February 08, 2018

Chronicle news, opinion, expert crime analysis

(MONROE, WA) -- Here are some incident calls Monroe Police responded to in recent days

From Tues. Feb 6

Abandoned Volkswagen Jetta impounded - Currie Rd / Fryelands Blv
Fraud investigation - 15400 Blk 182nd Ave.
Abandoned bicycle found on property - 17100 Blk Sawyer St;

Vehicle damaged by being "keyed" - 18400 Blk Blueberry Lane (There oughta be a special place in you-know-where for schmucks that go around keying cars. Perhaps we can bring back the death penalty for keying cars, ya think? Just a thought)

Female cited for shoplifting - 14700 Blk Chain Lake Rd;
Abandoned Kia Rio impounded - 18500 Blk Blueberry Ln;
Two vehicle, non-injury collision - 18600 Blk SR 2;

Male arrested for theft of eye solution and Sonicare toothbrush heads - 18900 Blk SR 2 (Well, at least he’s taking good care of his eyes and teeth. He gets an A for effort there)

Two vehicle, non-injury collision - 18800 Blk SR 2;
Male and female stole backpack full of merchandise - 13600 Blk Roosevelt Rd. (There are thieves everywhere. Ya gotta keep a real close eye on your stuff at all times)

Male trespassed from location - 200 Blk E Main St;
Court paper service - 19900 Blk SR 2;
Found wallet turned into the PD - 800 Blk W Main St; (Praise the lord an honest man or woman or….you know...trans person...or person in the midst of transing. In any event, they were honest, that’s the point)

Court paper service - 19900 Blk SR 2.

From Mon. Feb. 5

Abandoned vehicle impounded - 15600 Blk Lords Lake Ave;
Male trespassed from location - 19700 Blk SR 2;
Investigation into possible hit and run of pedestrian - 19900 Blk Old Owen Rd;
Female arrested on theft charges; switching price tags on merchandise - 14700 Blk Chain Lake Rd; (Ah...the old switching price tags routine. They think they’ll never get caught doing that. Duh.)

Male charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, second male charged with possession of hallucinogens and no valid operators license - 19300 Blk SR 2; (Dopers. They’re everywhere. In China they put dopers to work at hard labor building huge dams in the middle of nowhere. Just sayin’)

Male trespassed from location - 19900 Blk SR 2;
Female transported for mental health evaluation - 19100 Blk SR 2;
Male booked on outstanding warrant - 19200 Blk SR 2;
Female trespassed from location - 19300 Blk Tjerne Pl;
Male booked on DUI charges, collided with three parked cars - 300 Blk E Main St. (He hit THREE parked cars? Dude was wasted. Probably didn’t know what planet he was on.

Report of harassment via text message - 600 Blk Smith St;
Assist outside agency, male arrested on theft charges - 600 Blk St evens Ave;
Male arrested on DUI charge, hit and run - 16400 Blk Currie Rd;
Garage broken into, tools and jewelry taken - 18400 Blk Blueberry Ln; (Thieving thieves. They’re everywhere. Nothing worse than a thief….unless the thief is also an ax murderer. That would be a lot worse than just being a thief.)

Disturbance between 4 intoxicated males - 18400 Blk Blueberry Ln;
Report of damage to property from tenant when moving - 12700 Blk Roosevelt Rd;
Male cited for reckless driving and trespassed from location - 19100 Blk N Kelsey St;
Male trespassed from location - 14900 Blk N Kelsey St;
Two males arrested on theft and drug paraphernalia charges - 19100 Blk N Kelsey St;
Female booked on outstanding warrant - 13700 Blk Roosevelt Rd.

From. Feb 2

Female booked on order violation - 15100 BLK 178th Ave SE
Two vehicle, hit and run collision - E Main St / Butler St
Male booked on harassment charges - 18800 BLK SR 2
Three car, non-injury collision - 17500 BLK SR 2
Female arrested on drug charge, vehicle impounded - 19900 BLK SR 2
Female arrested on VUCSA charges - 19100 BLK N Kelsey St
Identity theft reported - 17600 BLK 150th St SE

From Jan. 31

Residence cited for overflowing garbage, sofa and rugs in front yard - 200 Blk S Blakeley St; (Well that’s kind of rude, wouldn’t you say? Why would you dump garbage in your front lawn? And rugs in the front yard? This is inappropriate behavior)

Reported theft of wallet - 800 Blk W Main St;
Verbal dispute at location - 14400 Blk Autumns Ave;
Male booked on probation violation - 19100 Blk N Kelsey St;
Two vehicle, non-injury collision - W Main St / Onramp WB;
Vehicle drove through park, damaged grass and irrigation - 14900 Blk Fryelands Blvd;
Male trespassed from location - 14700 Blk Chain Lake Rd;

Narcotics K9 alert on vehicle, impounded for search warrant - 19300 Blk Tjerne Pl; (More dopeheads.There oughta be a law. Oh. There is. We forgot for a moment)

Remember kids, crime does not pay. If you choose the life of a criminal then sooner or later you’ll end up in the big house eating bad food and avoiding group showers. Then you’ll be sorry you didn’t stay in school and follow that straight and righteous path.



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