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Wed, September 26, 2018

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His Daughter Is Diabetic
What he discovered about the Canadian price of US made insulin his daughter
needs, shocked him

December 29, 2017

Kellie, John's daughter. Still images from video below.
Chronicle news & opinion

(NATIONAL) -- Are you and your family getting ripped off every day of the week by high drug prices in this country? Bloody high prices that the US Congress does nothing about, while expending a massive amount of time and energy producing and passing a "tax reform" act that overwhelmingly benefits the rich and corporations at the expense of working class people?

Are Americans, by laying down like sheep and paying those high drug prices, in effect subsidizing the low cost of the same drugs that Canadian residents pay?

You be the judge after reading this story and watching the video below. It's no secret that Americans pay some of the highest drug prices in the world for the same American-made drugs that citizens of other countries buy for much less -- sometimes 50% less.

Even though that is no large secret, John Kramarz of Ewing, New Jersey was still stunned when he went to Canada and saw with his own eyes in a very visceral way, and felt in his own wallet, that massive disparity in drug prices.

On Wednesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont posted to Facebook John's story of his quest for reasonably priced drugs for his daughter Kellie who ten years ago was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic and must take insulin every day for the rest of her life.

They treat his daughter "like a cash cow"

John's tale of what he discovered cuts right thorough the heart of the nonsense, fake news story that Big Pharma keeps selling to Americans with a straight face about why they pay thorough the proverbial nose for the same drugs that citizens of other countries pay but a pittance for by comparison.

John's story, says Sanders, "illustrates the benefits of buying Canadian." The insulin makers “are treating my daughter like a cash cow,” Kramarz says.

Here's part of what Kramer discovered that shocked him. When Kellie was first diagnosed, a vile of insulin for her cost his family about $59 a vile and she goes through one of those a month. He goes to Canada and finds he can buy the very same made in America drug for $27.00 a vile.

Years pass and he sees the price of insulin in America sky rocket to $150 and more. Same drug, no whiz-bang improvements.The price in Canada stayed the same, he says. Ching-ching, more cash cows. Billions more into the pockets of Big Pharma for selling the same old tired product but with a new high price tag.

Imagine how much money you could make if in ten years you could jack up the price of a $25 tire for a car to $150 to $200. The same tire, made with the same rubber.

The new Sanders bill to level the playing field

During his campaign for the Presidency, Donald Trump said the pharmaceutical companies were getting away with murder, "Yet he hasn't done a damn thing to stand up to this powerful force," wrote Sanders. "The American people are tired of being ripped off by the pharmaceutical industry."

Sanders has introduced a bill that would allow Americans to strike a blow for freedom -- freedom from ungodly high drug prices -- by allowing the importation of prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies, something that scares the willies out of Big Pharma because it would mean for the first time they'd have to start selling you the same drug at the same price that Canadian's pay if they want your business to stay on this side of the border.

Competition. What a concept. In a capitalism-on-steroids country like America, Big Pharma would actually have to compete for your business on price. What a brilliant, new idea. It might even catch on with the general public.

Watch the Sanders-posted video of John Kramarz' story below and decide for yourself if you think his bill makes commons sense.

If, after watching this video you find yourself outraged, that's good. You should be outraged. You should be mad as hell.

Mad enough to make it your mission in life to vote more than a few bums out of office come the mid term elections and beyond.



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