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Wed, September 26, 2018

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With yet more bad behavior besides brazen thieves, vehicle prowls, dope smokers, nasty men

December 27, 2017

Chronicle news, opinion, expert crime analysis

(MONROE, WA) -- Here are some incident calls Monroe Police responded to this month:

Over the long Christmas weekend....

Vehicle lent to friend, not returned - 17400 BLK W Main St SE (Well that was rude)
Found mail turned into police - 800 BLK W Main St (You see? There are a few decent people left in the world.)

Report of two males in are with pkgs - Plainview / 179th Ave SE (Say whaaaa?)

Male arrested for theft 3, took coloring books - 18800 BLK SR 2
Male arrested for theft 3 and possession - 19100 BLK N Kelsey
Male arrested for theft 3, full shopping cart - 18800 BLK SR 2 (Lotta guys stealing stuff. This is inappropriate behavior. Stop it right now)

Female arrested for DUI, struck pole in lot - 19700 BLK SR 2
Two vehicle, non-injury collision - 19200 BLK SR 2

Disturbed people, drunks, thieves, shoplifters

Family disturbance - 15500 BLK Lin Ave SE (It is not good when families are disturbed. This is how ax murderers are created. So try to keep your family disturbances to a minimum. Thank you for your attention to this matter.)

Male booked on DUI charge - 17900 BLK SR 2

Bicycle theft report - 200 BLK E Main St
Female arrested for shoplift of clothing - 19100 BLK N Kelsey St
Vehicle theft charges on unreturned vehicle- 17400 BLK W Main
Female shoplifter left in vehicle - 19100 BLK N Kelsey St
Two vehicle, minor injury collision - 19100 BLK SR 2

Assist to Sultan, theft of vehicle with purse/presents, vehicle stopped at SR 2 / SR 522, suspect in custody vehicle returned (Aha! Got that no good low down thieving scoundrel and he went to the hoosegow where he belongs. Don't steal stuff kids. It is not nice and you won't get into heaven pulling that kinda crap.)

More dopeheads, car thieves, trespassers but no cross dressers

Male booked on warrant, drug charges - 800 BLK Village Wy (Another dopehead. They're everywhere, like the flu)

Two vehicle, non-injury collision - WB SR 522 / MP 23
Two vehicle, non-injury collision - WB SR 522 / MP 23
Abandoned vehicle impounded - 156th St SE / Fryelands Blvd
Grey Subaru Legacy taken from residence - 300 BLK S Sams St
Male trespassed from business - 19900 BLK SR 2

From Thursday 12/21:
Male and female provided services from Community Outreach Team - 19900 Blk SR 2;
Vehicle prowl - 500 Blk S Lewis St; (Don't you hate that when scummy little perps get into your ride and start stealing your stuff? There oughta be a law)

Male booked on multiple outstanding warrants - 18800 Blk SR 2;
Community Outreach Team follow up at illegal camp site - 19500 Blk SR 2;
Male arrested on theft charges - 19100 Blk N Kelsey St; (There are thieving thieves everywhere...it's a disease)

Amazon package stealers, more drunks, mail thieves, guy drops his drawers in public

Amazon package taken off front porch, doorbell camera missing as well - 500 Blk S Blakeley St; (Well that's a fine howdy-do. The perp even steals the camera the homeowner put up to prevent scumbags like him (her?) from stealing packages off the porch. Man, that is low even for a perp.)

Female arrested on DUI charge - 20100 Blk SR 2;
Lost property turned in - 19600 Blk SR 2.

From Wednesday 12/20
Report of package and mail taken - 17600 Blk 160th St;
Theft of wallet, unauthorized purchases made off of cards in wallet - 19700 Blk SR 2;
Male provided with social services from Community Outreach Team - 19500 Blk SR 2;

Female offered social services from Community Outreach Team - 18400 Blk Blueberry Ln;
Two individuals issued trespassed warnings - 200 Blk E Stretch St;
Report of male changing clothes in public view - 200 Blk S Ferry St; (Uh-oh. Was he like, flashing his package?)

Twenty four hour notice to vacate left at illegal campsite - 500 Blk Simons Rd;

Verbal disturbance at location - 18700 Blk SR 2;
Contacted two, offered social services from Community Outreach Team - 19500 Blk SR 2;

Eluding the cops, harassing texter, kids smoking dope, guy who assaulted somebody

Eluding charges forwarded to prosecutor - SR 2 / SR 522;
Report of harassing text messages - 800 Blk W Main St;
Two vehicle, minor injury collision - SR 2 / E Main St;

Two vehicle, non-injury collision - Fryelands Blvd / Wales St;
Four juveniles smoking marijuana, released to parents - 500 Blk Simons Rd; (Don't smoke dope kids or you'll grow up to be dopes)

Attempt to elude and hit and run charges forwarded to prosecutor - N Kelsey St / SR 2.

From Tuesday 12/19
Kittens found - 700 Blk Maple St;
Missing person report taken - 19700 Blk 137th St;
Assist SCSO on a theft - 200 Blk Stevens Ave;
Two vehicle, non-injury collision - 18000 Blk SR 2;
Female trespassed from location - 19600 Blk SR 2;
Male booked on assault charges - 300 Blk Marcus St;
Assist SCSO on traffic stop to arrest suspect of DV assault charge - N Kelsey St / SR 2;
Male booked on outstanding warrant - 400 Blk W Main St.

From Monday...
Male arrested on domestic violence charges - 600 Blk Elizabeth St;
Assault investigation - 16700 Blk 177th Ave;
Criminal harassment & threats to assault, charges filed - 700 Blk Maple St;
Fraudulent charge from EBay account - 300 Blk S Blakeley St;
Male arrested for theft of bicycle - 19100 Blk N Kelsey St;
Abandoned 1993 Buick Century impounded - Kylie Dr / Keri Pl; (Who abandons a perfectly good 93' Buick?)

Court paper service - 16400 Blk 177th Ave;

Assist to DOC, subject in possession of heroin and meth - 16600 Blk 177th Ave; (Another doper...they're everywhere. By God if President Trump has his way they'll either get the electric chair (ol' Sparky) or be deported to some hell-hole third world country. Thank goodness we have a decent, God fearing, mentally stable Christian law n' order Prez like Captain Hairspray [now with a REALLY BIG flabby belly] on the job)

Male booked on criminal trespass 1st degree charge - 19600 Blk SR 2.

Remember kids, crime does not pay. If you choose the life of a criminal then sooner or later you’ll end up in the big house eating bad food and avoiding group showers. Then you’ll be sorry you didn’t stay in school and follow that straight and righteous path.



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