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Mon, September 24, 2018

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Gold Bar
Police Blotter
Crime & grime
in the city

September 13, 2017

Color crime charts for Gold Bar and upper valley area in August 2017. CLICK TO OPEN

Chronicle staff
Crime reports & expert analysis

(GOLD BAR, WA.) -- Below are highlights from August police call responses in and around Gold Bar and the upper valley as issued jointly by the honorable Snohomish County Sheriff Ty Trenary and the equally honorable Gold Bar Mayor Lee Hodo

Gold Bar
Case Report Summary:

1 Animal Complaint (the animal withdrew the complaint after talking the matter over with officers)
1 Burglary
1 CPS Referral
3 Domestic Disturbance calls
1 Found Property (What did they find? Details below)
1 Missing Person
1 Reckless Burning
2 Thefts (there are thieves everywhere...keep on your toes)
1 Trespass
1 Vehicle Theft Attempt (Was it thwarted somehow? Did the perp not know how to start the car? Did the perp get whacked in the head with a tire iron by an irate owner? Inquiring minds want to know)
1 Warrant Arrest

The grim details

The Burglary occurred as a shoplift at the Family Grocer but was classified as a burglary because the suspect had previously been "trespassed from the store." Burglary is summarized as “to enter or remain unlawfully with the intent to commit a crime there-in.”

The Reckless Burning was a homeless person who set her bag of personal belongings on fire in the roadway out of frustration.

One theft was the theft of the “No-Parking” signs placed by the City on Ley Road.

The Trespass call was on a squatter, facing eviction from a property near Sultan, who unlawfully moved into a vacant home in Gold Bar on West Croft Ave. (Well, that was pretty rude, just moving into somebody else's crib pretty as you please.)

Good thing a new law took effect in July that allows sheriff's deputies to "immediately kick the squatter off the premise and to forward a request that the prosecutor charge her with criminal trespass."

That's a pretty good law. Every once in a while government people get things right. Very good work ladies & gents. Keep it up.

The Found Property was a found Mongoose bicycle that was placed into safekeeping in hopes of finding an owner. (We'd like to claim that item right now guys. Please send it post-paid (along with two boxtops from your favorite cereal box) to: Rightful Owner The Mongoose, PO Box 15562, Dept-A427, Battle Creek, Michigan 62965. Thank you in advance)

About dope & nuisance properties & dopers

The Snohomish Regional Drug Task Force has been assisting sheriff's deputies at many nuisance properties in the Gold Bar region since they received funding for a nuisance abatement program.

Working as a team with Code Enforcement, the Health District, CPS, housing assistance programs, and the drug task force the sheriff's office is working effectively to reduce nuisance conditions at several properties that effect quality of life in Gold Bar.

Current projects include properties on Wallace Lake Rd and Dorman Rd just outside of the city limits. Further from Gold Bar deputies have recently worked and/or are currently working properties near and in Sultan and on the south fork of the Skykomish River.

Deputies also recently visited properties in Startup and off 399th near Gold Bar where conditions did not meet the objectives of the group and these complaints were closed out. The sheriff's office notes that "without the assistance of the drug task force, few if any of these successes would have been possible."

Now THAT is some really good police and social service work because all of that activity goes right to the bottom line on the "quality of life" scale for every area resident. Kudos to all involved!

Please think of donating a few bucks to the Snohomish Regional Drug Task Force to keep that action rockin' & rollin' and let your elected reps know you support the drug task force, that you want them kept fat & happy in money and gear and that what they do is making a positive impact where you live.

Index, WA where all the Indexians live
Call Incident Summary:

1 Animal Complaint (as above the animal withdrew the complaint after talking the matter over with officers)

1 Civil Dispute (at least they were civil about it and didn't draw guns and start blazing at one another in a hail of high-speed Golden Saber hollow points)

1 Malicious Mischief

1 Public Assist

1 Suspicious Circumstance

1 Theft

Grim Details:

The Animal Complaint was resolved with a ticket. Remember that old Beatles song "Ticket To Ride"? Well it wasn't that kind of a ticket.

The Malicious Mischief was a result of a "subject" spinning tires, causing rocks to fly and glass to break. "Subject" is the polite police term. We often refer to them in "street" terms as nimrods, morons or jerkwads. Now, how stupid is that spinning tires crap? Didn't that stuff go out of style in the 80's? Seriously. Get a job and straighten up jerkwad.

The Theft was a theft of property from the local rafting business. (Didn't we tell you at the start of this report there are thieves everywhere...keep on your toes? Darn straight we did.)

Colored crime charts

Now to our favorite part -- the color crime charts. Every picture tells a story. Find the charts at upper right.

Have a nice day.

There will be a test on this stuff later.



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Gold Bar & Index
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Gold Bar
Police Blotter
Crime & grime
in the city
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