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Tue, August 21, 2018

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What politicians and the media don't want you to know

July 04, 2018

A true cost of war. CLICK TO ENLARGE
Chronicle news & opinion

(MONROE, WA.) -- America's politicians love to shield Americans from the true cost of war in both blood and money.

The Pentagon won't even allow photos of the caskets of American servicemen and women to be photographed on planes coming home from war zones.

Because that would be a grim reminder of the cost of war, the horror of war in blood. Such a sight might make mothers and fathers think twice about wanting their kids to go off to war.

Might make the kids themselves rethink that idea, particularly when it's very hard to find the sons and daughters of U.S. Senators and Congressmen on the front lines in war zones getting shot and injured or killed.

Some years back, former VP Dick Cheney in the George W. Bush administration said he had "other priorities" than going off to war. So he got himself five draft deferments from military service (and the Vietnam war) and never did have to go into the military to discover the true cost of war.

For the same reasons as no photos of the caskets of dead American military men and women, the powers that be don't want Americans seeing horrible images of soldiers and innocent women and children in places like Iraq with arms and legs blown off or bleeding to death on a dirt road. The American news media (of course) plays along by refusing to show such images -- images of the reality of war.

And when it comes to the cost in dollars and cents of America's wars and invasions, this is the biggest no-no of all.

The powers that be can never let the American people know in a serious, ongoing manner how deeply in debt they are now after all these wars and invasions that have been placed on the country's credit card.

Few Americans realize (because the media never tells them) that among other things, China and a few other countries are largely responsible for allowing Americans to put two huge and incredibly costly wars and one invasion (Iraq) on the U.S. credit card -- instead of American citizens being forced to scrimp, save and ration commodities ("pay as you go") as they did in World War 2.

Back then Americans had to sacrifice along with the troops when the U.S. went to war. They did that by buying war bonds and rationing things like meat, sugar, coffee, canned foods, fuel, shoes, and consumer goods so there would be enough for our soldiers.

America could put the recent wars on the national credit card (no pain for Joe & Jill Sixpack) partly because China buys a massive amount of U.S. Treasury notes on a very regular basis. China, in effect, buys our debt.

China (and other foreign investors) allows us to debt-finance our way into military adventures abroad.

They must be kept in the dark abut the money

Shielding Americans from the true cost of war in blood and money is Job #1 for politicians and their supporters in the military-industrial complex. And the reason is, in order to finance wars and invasions on credit you must have a pliable, gullible, easily manipulated populace.

You need them in front of their big screen TV's thinking about the next football game coming up or where to go Christmas shopping the next day.

Well, this report is different. Here (see numbers below) you can learn the true ongoing cost of war for you and your family in dollars and cents.

Come back often to view this page.

It'll be fun and exciting watching your money disappearing by the hour into the deep well of the cost of war, and the futures of your kids and grandkids vanishing as well.

The old joke is, if you keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, that's one definition of insanity.

Our leaders keep doing the same things over and over and over with credit-financed wars and invasions, while telling us that someday, somehow the results will be different.

And someday never comes.


From the National Priorities Project


On September 30, 2015, the last day of the federal fiscal year and the deadline for the new year's budget, Congress passed legislation known as a "continuing resolution" to continue government funding at fiscal year 2015 levels until December 11, 2015.

Trade-offs will reflect those funding levels until new budget information is available.

For Department of Defense in fiscal year 2015, taxpayers in the United States are paying $505.28 billion, not including the cost of war.

Here's what those tax dollars could have paid for instead, according to the National Priorities Project:

5.98 million Head Start Slots for Children for One Year for 10 Years,
or 4.89 million Military Veterans Receiving VA Medical Care for One Year for 10 Years, or 674,809 Elementary School Teachers for One Year for 10 Years,

or 15.21 million Scholarships for University Students for One Year for 4 Years,
or 8.75 million Students Receiving Pell Grants of $5,775 for 10 Years, or 21.65 million Children Receiving Low-Income Healthcare for One Year for 10 Years,

or 56.92 million Households with Renewable Electricity - Wind Power for One Year for 10 Years,

or 634,227 Police or Sheriff's Patrol Officers for One Year for 10 Years,
or 14.42 million People Receiving Low-Income Healthcare for One Year for 10 Years,

or 35.16 million Households with Renewable Electricity - Solar Photovoltaic for One Year for 10 Years



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